What threatens the

the Season 2020 was to be launched on 15 March in Australia. Now, however, there is no certainty that it ever takes place. Already cancelled eight stages, and this is not the limit. The originality of what is happening makes “stable”, also called the team “Formula 1”, to take emergency measures.

Photo: f1esports.com Racers “Formulas-1” were transferred to the simulation

– Team made International automobile Federation and “liberty” (the owner “Formulas-1”. – Approx. “RG”) complete freedom in shaping the calendar of the championship, – has told the head of “Ferrari” Mattia Binotto. – Usually we don’t do that, but now we need to give the user carte Blanche. At the moment you can expect a variety of changes. For example, a race weekend can be shortened to two days to be able to spend a few Grand Prix in a row. And yet it is possible that the season will be extended to the first months of 2021.

the Usual calendar had to redraw on the move. So, on Monday all of the team “Formula 1” is officially gone on three-week vacation, which was moved from the traditional August to spring. His development was stopped and the mechanics of the “Ferrari”, “Mercedes”, “Renault” and “Honda”.

the Concern of teams to hold the championship in 2020 at least in some form, has a primarily financial reasons. “Formula 1” is one of the most expensive sports project in the world: the teams spend a lot of money on the technology, the salaries of riders and staff. Sources of income, in fact, two: this prize money and royalties from “Formulas-1″and sponsorship contracts. Due to the cancellation of the stages of the management of the “Royal races” already carrying huge losses. For example, in Australia, “Formula 1” earned $ 35 million only promotional fees to conduct the stage. And this is without the losses associated with tlarvae and sponsorship contracts. According to the head of “Red bull” Helmut Marko, the cumulative loss of “liberty” in this year could reach $ 300 million. The problem is that the existing scheme of the team paying for the previous season due to the income received in the current season. That’s why no racing “stable” was in a very difficult position. According to boss, “alpha Tauri” Franz Toast if in this season will not be able to spend at least 10-15 Grand Prix, the consequences could be disastrous.

due to the cancellation of only one Australia Grand Prix “Formula” earned $ 35 million

– If the races will be less or not at all, then the team will not be able to recoup their costs – said the functionary. And then the teams will have to take quite serious measures. It is about the survival of “Formula-1”.

One of the measures for rescue teams was the transfer of the introduction of new technical regulations, which was planned in 2021. If everything remains as before, “the stables” would have to develop at once two cars: for the current season and the next. And this new spending. Initially, the implementation of the new rules was planned to be postponed until 2022, but now the teams think to wait even two years: no one knows how much the coronavirus will affect the season-2021.


One of the most influential journalists writing about the “Formula 1,” Dieter Rencken published the traditional rating of the salaries of riders in 2020. The highest paid pilot was the Briton Lewis Hamilton, who plays for the “Mercedes”. His fee will be $ 40 million. Second place the German racer Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, who will receive 5 million less. And closes the three rich Dutch pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen with $ 25 million. Russian Daniel Quat of “alpha Tauri” will get 20 times less of Hamilton for $ 2 million. Less salary only three of them: Antonio Giovinazzi (“Alfa Romeo”) and both pilots “Williams” George Russell and Nicolas Latifi – 1 million ddollarov.