What steps are the first in the country was made by the mayor, declaring the fight against the virus

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I recall, the first decree on measures for the prevention of coronavirus Sergei Sobyanin signed on March 5 – they were introduced in the capital on high alert, which is still in effect. Since the public utilities, medics, transport sector, services of social protection and many others working in special conditions. It is noteworthy that on 5 March in the capital was only one confirmed case of coronavirus infection, and the ill man lift her easily as a simple cold.

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nevertheless, the authorities soon began to act in the future. Arriving from abroad in the capital’s airports began to measure temperature, and those who have returned from countries with unfavorable epidemiological situation, was obliged to announce their arrival by telephone “hot line” and to spend two weeks home quarantine. Soon this has become a duty. Sick people were issued remotely. Brought it to the courier, even those who were completely healthy but could be carrying the infection.

it is Now clear that steps have been taken is absolutely correct. The first cases in the capital were one and all imported from Europe. Isolation of immigrants allowed to prevent the rapid spread of the virus and the increasing number of cases. “In Moscow has passed half of all people who come from abroad, plus the Muscovites big enough proportion of them like to go abroad. Many have been in Courchevel, brought back a suitcase just a virus”, – commented Sergei Sobyanin.

Now many cases of infection inside Moscow, when people get sick without going anywhere. However, the situation is fundamentally different than in many European countries and the United States. From the virus died in Moscow at the time of signing the numbers 11 people, almost everyone was suffering from severe chronic diseases. On Monday evening, for example, became aware of the deaths of four patients – they were from 76 to 86 years.

Serial and the remaining steps of the city authorities. In the beginning of March, when the score who went to units, started construction of a mobile hospital for infectious diseases in Moscow – now it is almost ready. On her structure work around the clock several thousand builders. They were tasked to hospital could receive its first patients in a month after start of construction. Converted in the city and many of the current clinic, they have created a new infectious disease ward, which can accommodate patients with coronavirus. Thanks to this system of the city is to cope with the growing number of cases – their yesterday was 1613. However, doctors and all medical staff have a hard time, they work, according to the head physician of scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky Sergey Petrikov, as in war.

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it is also Important that capital was able to quickly establish the diagnosis of patients with suspected coronavirus – take the tests began not only the Federal but also at a Moscow hospital, which significantly expanded the amount of testing. This week, Moscow expects to reach the number of 10 thousand studies a day, which will allow it to explore two and a half times more people on a daily basis.

Not the time

All restrictions in the capital, when this was introduced gradually, and the government very carefully made new steps that could hurt the economy. First in the capital were forbidden to gather more than 5 thousand people, because of this, for example, canceled the festival “Crimean spring”. But less than a week we had to ban the event, with a numom of participants over 50 people, and free attendance to the schools was replaced by a more serious measure – education institutions were closed, leaving only small groups students from 1st to 4th classes.

on March 23, the mayor decided to require all children over 65 years to comply with home quarantine. The measure also concerned with chronic diseases. All of these people, and there are about 1.9 million people, the authorities have appointed a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 4000 rubles. Half transferred immediately, and the second promised to transfer after the end of the quarantine, subject to his compliance.

the Elderly citizens during the isolation can solve almost any household issue, it is enough to call the hot line: 7 (495) 870-45-09. “Over the past week, she received more than 40 thousand calls. Most people seek to buy and deliver food, medicine, walk with the dog. We have a broad network of volunteers and social workers who help such people have,” explained the Deputy mayor of Moscow for social Affairs Anastasia Rakova.

the City has left Muscovites one-on-one with the problems, and when I had to declare a state of isolation for all. With strict measures to get out of the house only in extreme cases, the authorities proposed and effective social support measures. First of all increased the size of unemployment benefits to 19 500 rubles.

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“We understand that difficult situation with the epidemic may create difficulties with finding work can begin downsizing in companies from the service industries – commented on this measure Anastasia Rakova. Therefore decided to support the people, the situation with work has changed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus”.

According to her, the number of applications from unemployed Muscovites is growing: during the day, received about 10 thousand applications for the registration of unemployed status, and the website of the employment service was attended by over 40 thousand people.

Gradually, gerode closed and all the entertainment, shopping and restaurants are now working only on delivery, and in the former regime has grocery stores and those where they sell commodities.

This inscription can be seen from the Windows of hospital doctors in Kommunarka, where treated is infected with a coronavirus. People do not cease to thank the doctors whose work now depends very much.

So in the capital’s metro urged residents to stay home.

Statenable risk

Staff redeveloped the Moscow hospitals, where they treat patients with coronavirus will receive a salary Supplement: doctors – 70 thousand roubles, average medical staff – 50K, Junior staff and other employees – 30 thousand rubles. In total, the calculation for three months the doctors will pay about 620 million rubles.

This inscription can be seen from the Windows of hospital doctors in Kommunarka, where treated is infected with a coronavirus. People do not cease to thank the doctors whose work now depends very much. Photo: Valery sharifulin / TASS