What online activities have prepared libraries of Moscow this week

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

Moscow libraries has launched a new online projects, reports portal of the mayor and Moscow government with reference to the press service of the Moscow Department for the development of the cultural centers of the Moscow Department of culture.

to Find the materials it will be possible in social networks and on the websites of cultural institutions. Users expect a variety of workshops, tours and educational articles.

“Online projects are a collection of various educational and entertainment events. For example, the citizens are offered to get acquainted with book novelties, to learn the rules of online behavior and make virtual tours through the ancient cities of Russia, to learn how to create paintings in wool,” – said the press service.

So, libraries in the South of Moscow has collected their online activities into a single section “Biblioteca”. In particular, in its frameworks there is a section titled “Journal” where users can read interesting and informative articles on a variety of topics. Also in the “Bibliotheca” will be available with the podcast series “next rack”-a series of master classes. But the subsection “Videos” contains a record of lectures, tours and other virtual events.

the Cultural institutions of the North-Western part of the capital has launched an online project “Bibliobus”. Every day in the social networks of libraries spread themed entertainment and educational videos. Within the project there are such headings as “Monday delight”, “Honest Tuesday”, “Technotrade”, “Baby Thursday”, “fantastic Friday”, “Saturday with a pot of compote, and Sunday on the Grill”. Read more about the content of the rubrics can be found in the accounts of libraries in social networks.

Central library No. 197 named after A. A. Akhmatova offers users to familiarize with the materials of the project “#Destacando”. Them experts in different fields talk about the ways of leisure and psychological healthI am under the regime of self-isolation.

So, psychologist Victoria Shimanskaya has already given advice to managers regarding adaptation to home mode and develop the necessary skills. And in another issue she told me how Teens can organize their space when the whole family is at home.

in addition, on 17 April will be a lecture by employee of the library No. 197 Andrey Drozdov, dedicated to foreign comics.

House district.In. Gogol will allow users to go on virtual tours through the ancient cities of Russia. Since April 17, visitors will be able to explore ancient Pskov escorted cultural institutions Maxim Udova. On April 24th House district.In. Gogol will prepare a virtual tour to Suzdal and Vladimir.

the Library named after M. A. Svetlov organized online lecture “Vinaigrette”. Within the project users show lectures on a variety of topics. So, 14 April at 13:00 expert on digital etiquette Olga lukinova will talk about the impact of compliance behavior on the Internet on the efficiency and establishment of relationships with other people. And on April 15 at 19:30 the journalist Maria Mustaeva talk about the functioning of the brain and neurotransmitters on the subject of positive sensations and pleasure.

“the Distinguishing feature is that the materials appear periodically on the websites of the reading rooms or on their pages in social networks. Thus, it becomes easier to search for and select the desired event and plan its view,” – said the press service of the Moscow Department of culture.

In connection with the entered Moscow regime of self-isolation, all of the city’s cultural institutions are currently closed to the public. In this regard, they are moving their online activity.

In particular, the Museum of Moscow will launch a series of online meetings with experts in the field of Metropolitan history. They talk about urban areas, their history and most famous places. The first meeting will be devoted to the Ivanovo hill, located in STOpersonal China-town.

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