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The visitors have access to lectures and virtual tours
To see the content on the websites and social networking of cultural institutions
According to the artist, the self-isolation immaterial impact on her life
Get acquainted with the program visitors will be able to accounts of cultural institutions on social networks
The broadcast will take place on social networks companies
Russian arts and crafts, which in the old days our ancestors were engaged at home, would be useful to us to have something to do during the quarantine
Russian Premier League is back after the break, but instead we again got the problem — the fan fight police brutality in front of the stadium and a ban on banners and streamers. Whether law enforcement again, not enough resources, whether fans ' protest before leaving the championship of Russia in winter hibernation, not only did not take effect, but rather got kind of a delayed reaction, but the match "Dynamo" - "Spartak" has begun with scandal.
There is no doubt that the loss of Turkey in the operation in Syria will grow, said the political scientist, the President of scientific centre "Institute of the Middle East" Yevgeny Satanovsky
In 2019 the Russians to save on everything, except alcohol. This conclusion follows on from consumer research conducted by Nielsen. Even the rise in prices of alcoholic drinks on the background of the lack of real income growth has not led to a reduction in the consumption of "green dragon", on the contrary, forced the citizens to economize on other spending articles. Last year people were ready to indulge in the vacation, buying new clothes and even food. In 2020, major changes such savings model of consumer behavior is not expected.
For residents of the capital prepare master classes, promotions, volunteer projects and sports training
As the Deputy mayor Natalia Sergunina, Muscovites can offer different forms of walking
Territorial centers of social service (TSSO) has prepared the celebratory program
The mayor reminded that there will be concerts, races, historical reenactment, tours and more
From 21 to 23 February, the capital's residents will be able to take part in the free tours 110
The voting was attended by the inhabitants of the eight districts of the capital
Fans favourably evaluated the new composition of the singer
According to the specialist, it is first necessary to determine the cause of quarrels
Some of them prepared by the special objects for Valentine's Day
The opening was the collector of folk songs Sergei Starostin
Here free take and children and adolescents
In these hotels the guests are offered champagne and Spa services
Visitors can see portraits of the poet, executed by artists of the XX–XXI centuries, as well as listen to the songs of the Russian regions, in which Pushkin visited
To donate books for the price of 20 rubles per kilogram
The exhibition opens February 22 and runs until may 10
Every day to see the show come from 8 to 10 thousand people
In the lecture hall of the pavilion "worker and collective farm girl" will be a recital
Guests are invited to make Christmas cards and listen to music in good company
Program from the cycle "Moscow seasons" ended on Friday, January 31

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