You might’ve come across the term intranet apart from the internet. Most people have but only some know what is the difference between the internet and intranet. Well not to worry because we’re here to cover that for you. This article will show how the internet and intranet are different from various perspectives. So, let’s get started:

What Is Internet?

An internet connects various devices in a network. In simple words, multiple devices want to share information. They form a connection between devices using LAN cables. However, to allow more users to connect, they use a dedicated cable that connects users from various locations.

When this goes large scale and users from various locations are connected, it forms the internet as we know. It’s publicly available and unlimited users can connect to it when they have an internet connection. You can get an internet connection through an internet service provider.

An internet service provider itself is connected to the internet. For instance, Spectrum Internet is one of the reputed internet service providers in the US. It allows clients to connect via its servers that are already connected to the internet.

There’s no limit on who can join and when. If you’re Spanish and seeking services in Spanish, you can connect through spectrum internet español. Moreover, you’ll find everything you need, tailored according to your requirements since Spectrum knows that clients from various locations are connected to its internet.

What Is Intranet?

An intranet is a type of internet. It consists of an internet that is privately owned and accessed. Since it’s privately owned, people without access privileges won’t be able to connect to it. In simple words, it’s a privately owned club in a vicinity where only members are allowed.

The user count for an intranet is limited. Moreover, limited information is shared on an intranet. A firm, a club, a society, a forum, or any platform that wants to keep information limited to a limited number of users can own this.

What Is The Difference Between Them?

Now that we’ve seen what the internet and intranet are, it’s time to see what is the difference between them. Let’s have a look:


Internet Intranet
The internet has a public connection that allows an unlimited number of users to connect to it. The intranet is a private network that only allows a limited number of users to connect to it.


Internet Intranet
The internet isn’t owned. It’s a network of globally located devices that is accessible by everyone. The intranet is owned by private organizations. This includes firms, government institutes, online societies, etc.



Internet Intranet
Since the internet is accessible by anyone, it remains unsafe. One needs to implement specific safety protocols for securing their connection and presence on the internet. Since the intranet only allows a limited number of users, it’s safe. Increasing its safety, the administrator ensures that safety protocols are implemented to safeguard data.

Number of Visitors

Internet Intranet
Since the internet is open to everyone, you can find millions of users online on a single platform. Since the intranet is accessible to a limited number of users, you will hardly ever find high traffic on the network.


Information Sharing

Internet Intranet
The internet is a great place to find information. Global users share information in abundance and you can find information on almost anything on the internet. The intranet doesn’t share information in abundance. The only information shared is what has been requested from limited users in the intranet.


Information Authenticity

Internet Intranet
Even though there’s information in abundance, there’s so much on the internet that isn’t true.

Finding authentic information is hard and one needs to locate authentic resources before citing anything.

The intranet shares limited information only. However, it’s authentic since it’s directed towards the creation of the intranet for the specified body i.e. an institute will share details of a project, estimates, projections, etc.


Internet Intranet
Collaborating via the internet can be a hassle. Imagine talking to your friend during a football match. That is why various platforms offer dedicated chats for chatting without uninvited interactions, creating an intranet. An intranet is created especially for seamless communication and coordination. One can invite peers for project discussion; make objectives, share confidential information, etc. without any uninvited access.


Internet Intranet
Connected to the internet, you cannot expect to have privacy. From your internet service provider to your local host, everyone receives and stores information about what you do on the internet. Intranet provides secrecy and privacy. An in-house team that navigates the flow of information administers the host server, keeping it secure from public access.

Online Collaboration

Internet Intranet
You cannot expect to work when messages keep popping up on your device, let alone collaborate on anything. The Internet has simultaneous usage which makes it unfit for collaboration needs. Intranet makes it easier to collaborate. It’s like a personal study room where only you or your close ones can enter and access information, read books or get work done.

Remote Accessibility

Internet Intranet
The internet helps connect remotely without any hassle. You can connect with anyone around the globe to chat, share or interact. An intranet is only accessible through users connected to it. Even if users are working remotely, it won’t give access to uninvited users.


Remote Work Performance

Internet Intranet
Leisure hours such as holidays, breaks, etc. can increase traffic on the internet. You might not be able to access some sites due to high traffic unless the site has an extensive management system. Since interaction is solely for limited users, you can expect to get things done remotely without lags, disruptions, or privacy issues.

Who Is It For?

Internet Intranet
The internet is accessible to everyone. From streamers to marketers, gamers to social media influencers, teachers to students, anyone can access the internet. The intranet is only specified for privileged users. This can be government officials, higher management of an organization, healthcare agencies, banking institutes, etc.


Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! We hope we’ve covered information to help you know the difference between the internet and the intranet. Let us know if we missed something or you can add it in the list through comments!