Just before the weekend, all readers who cook ask themselves this age-old question: what are we going to eat? In order to inspire you, La Presse suggests some suggestions for seasonal recipes that will make your mouth water.

Soeur Angèle offers mostly Italian classics in Merci Mamma!, including this simple soup with a stringy texture.

For 6 persons

Preparation: 15 minutes

Cook: 2-3 minutes

Source: Thank you Mamma!, Sister Angèle, Éditions Broquet.

Published on lapresse.ca on June 8, 2017.

Anne-Marie Archambault has developed a real passion for bowls. For the young entrepreneur behind the health and well-being inspiration platform At Will, the secret to a successful bowl is in the combination of textures and flavors. She agreed to share her creations with us, including this one, colorful and full of flavors, Mexican-inspired.

For 2 people

All our recipes are based on brown rice, but you can easily substitute it, to taste or according to what you have on hand, with another grain or another cereal: quinoa, millet, farro, barley, wild rice , vermicelli, soba noodles, orzo…

Published on lapresse.ca on February 2, 2017.

Nothing is more pleasant than grilling your little rainbow trout in the pan after a day spent on the lake. Delicious on their own, they also go wonderfully well with a few selected ingredients. Suggestion from chef Dominique Dufour, from Pier 66.

For 2 to 4 people

Preparation and cooking time: 45 minutes

Published on lapresse.ca on May 5, 2017.

Watch out, parents, kids are taking over your kitchen (and your tablet)! Because cooking is not rocket science. Youngsters, put stars in your family’s eyes by serving them a meal worthy of the greatest little chefs!

Yields 10 macaroons

When using the electric mixer, make sure the beaters always touch the bottom of the bowl. This will prevent you from splashing all around. Also drop the beaters into the mix before turning on the machine and start very slowly: first at first speed, then gradually increase.

If you’re cooking a dish that has a lot of ingredients, you can make your life easier by first preparing all of your ingredients in the amounts that are listed in your recipe. You will only have to focus on the preparation steps and combine it.

Published on lapresse.ca on February 27, 2017.

Ricardo loves cocktails, so much so that they sometimes even replace wine with meals.

Preparation: 5 minutes

Portions : 4

Tip: If necessary, strain the juices to avoid having seeds in the cocktail.

Published on lapresse.ca on January 23, 2017.