Just before the weekend, all readers who cook ask themselves this age-old question: what are we going to eat? In order to inspire you, La Presse suggests some suggestions for seasonal recipes that will make your mouth water.

Summer has not yet said its last word, and the stalls are always full of fresh fruits and vegetables, the ideal canvas for inspiration. Our proposal: a fleshy and fresh end-of-summer salad that you can vary with the seasons. As eggplants and tomatoes are currently in season, we made this salad with Dyan Solomon, from Olive Gourmando, around these two vegetables.

To prevent more delicate items like lettuce or tomatoes from going stale in transit, Solomon suggests layering the various components in a mason jar, starting with the heaviest items at the bottom—grains, proteins, grilled vegetables – to finish with the more fragile vegetables and greens on top. Once in the office, all you have to do is pour everything into a bowl, mix the dressing and you have a perfect salad, as if you had just prepared it.

Published in La Presse on August 27, 2018.

This dip only takes 10 minutes to cook and 5 minutes to prepare. With raw vegetables or crackers, it’s downright delicious. It can be served without the nuts for children’s lunches.

Published in La Presse on February 16, 2017.

Easy as anything, even for someone who is more comfortable behind the barbecue than in front of the cauldrons. I must admit, faced with a recipe that is a bit complex, I am sorely lacking in synchronism. But nothing to complain about with this Pad Kee Mao, the kids and the better half loved it, the dish was well seasoned and, since we doubled the recipe, there was plenty left for lunch the next day!

Published on lapresse.ca on November 23, 2019.

Laura Cridge agreed to prepare a variation of one of her most popular recipes for us. The cashews give it a creamy texture that blends harmoniously with the hint of acidity of the lemon.

For 10 servings

Keeps in the fridge for 2 weeks or in the freezer for 1 month.

Published on lapresse.ca on December 8, 2016.