Belgian football, From 1st novice to the series in 4th provincial, there will be no more gevoetbald.De the current leaders are automatically to facebook. And, if you can be more well-known names such as Tom De Sutter, Koen Persoons, Mo Messoudi, Sherjill MacDonald and Alessio Staelensnu all, the title of the celebration. “Strange to be on the way to the champion declared to be.” Tom De Sutter women’s champion in 2nd in the Amateur, A town of Knokke

After three titles with Anderlecht and Club Brugge, where he is not entitled to have it, but with four matches played, Tom De Sutter for the fifth time in his career to become champion. Royal Knokke FC, he got the title, 2nd in the Amateur A, and after today, it was decided to have the championships in the lower series are not to be resumed.

“I was just going to walk away,” says Sutter. “That’s when I noticed that I have a pack of instant messages had been received. It’s a bit strange to be on the way to the championship title was proclaimed to be, but it’s there, however, the more strange things happen these days. That’s why I think it’s obvious that they have made that decision.” Not that they were in the town of Knokke, to doubt that the title would catch on. “We were already a champion, because we are 18 points ahead of the 2nd, with only a handful of matches to play. After our last game, we actually got a bit of a celebration, even though we haven’t fully gone down.”

it’s titelfeestje, it will still be a long time coming. “There are already a lot of virtual beers is tapped, I saw it in the WhatsAppgroep. So, it’s still a bit of a party.” De Sutter, who, in July, the 35, would like to continue to move forward. “I’ve got one more year of contract and at Home. The club is very ambitious, but if they don’t suddenly decide to have seven flights a week to work out, I want to be sure to have about a year to move forward.”