A little shock for Manu and Konny Reimann! On a road trip through the USA, the two suddenly have problems with their XXL mobile home. It’s a good thing that Konny, as an experienced do-it-yourselfer, has advice.

What doesn’t fit is made to fit: this proverb applies to hardly anyone as it does to Konny Reimann. At home in Hawaii there is (almost) nothing that Konny hasn’t built himself. And even on the four-week US road trip with his Manu, he improvised in order to safely steer the ten-ton, 140,000-euro mobile home despite its small body size. But in the second episode of “Welcome to the Reimanns” (Sundays, 8:15 p.m., Kabel Eins), Konny feared the worst when he pushed the rolling living room to the side of the road.

“Something’s wrong with the box. It’s starting to shake,” the do-it-yourself king was skeptical. Already at the beginning of the journey he had noticed a certain imbalance during the journey. Now the problems have gotten worse, the 67-year-old described with worry lines: “I’m not comfortable with that.” An initial check of the tires revealed nothing: “If it’s not the tires, we have a problem.”

Konny only noticed the source of the disaster at second glance: “Oh! The tire has nothing left. My goodness!” Immediately afterwards he concluded that the tire was totally worn out: “We were lucky in our misfortune.” A tire burst on the motorway could have had serious consequences for the ten-ton mobile home.

But as it was, the Reimanns headed for a nearby workshop. There, however, the couple had to swallow another bitter pill: Although one of the mechanics had assured us on the phone that they had the right spare tire with them, that was not the case. “We’re going for a walk with a flat tire. Welcome to America”, Konny was annoyed about the dilettantism.

In the end, the Reimanns didn’t have to worry about the continuation of the road trip. Manu found another workshop in no time at all, where a capable mechanic exchanged the tire in no time at all, despite communication problems with Konny, and let Konny catch his breath: “I’ve probably never had as much luck as we had today in the last few years.”

An unscheduled stop had already triggered considerable feelings of happiness in Konny. When the expatriate spotted quarter-mile cars lining the side of the road while driving his RV, the race-loving adrenaline junkie just couldn’t help but stop. He immediately involved one of the drivers in shop talk about the engines, licked his petrol-soaked finger (“Ah, special petrol!”) – and accepted the offer to sit in the passenger seat with sparkling eyes: “Absolutely!”

Although the straight high-speed drive lasted just 30 seconds, Konny was completely overwhelmed when he got out of the racing car: “Wow, I didn’t expect that. Damn it!” At the start it “banged backwards. I never would have thought that a car could accelerate like that,” Konny, flooded with endorphins, enthused to his wife Manu. In wise foresight, she had taken her place next to the track: “I’d rather let the men have their fun.”

Aside from the RV breakdown and Konny’s adrenaline rush in the quarter-mile car, the Reimanns visited an Amish community in Indiana on their 5,000-mile trip. Farmer Kenny and his family live like people did 100 years ago, i.e. without electricity and with close family ties. “I think it’s great that old and young live together and help each other,” said Manu, who was positively surprised. Konny summarized after the one-day visit: “What really surprised me was the hospitality. That was incredible.”

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