A heat wave is rolling towards Germany. Temperatures will rise until the weekend and then up to 40 degrees are possible in some places. Then it cools down massively. Follow all important weather reports in our ticker.

Wednesday, June 15, 5:08 p.m .: The extreme heat also reached Baden-Württemberg. On the Upper Rhine, up to 38 degrees are sometimes predicted for Saturday. “Since the weather records began, no 38 degrees have been measured in Baden-Württemberg in mid-June,” said a spokesman for the DWD on Wednesday. This record temperature could be reached in Mannheim, the Kurpfalz and Mittelbaden.

After there may be individual thunderstorms in the south of the country on the holiday, the weekend should be dry. From Saturday it should be warmer than 30 degrees throughout Baden-Württemberg. According to the DWD, the first so-called “tropical night” this year can occur on Sunday night. For example, in Freiburg, the minimum temperature should not fall below 24 degrees.

Due to the heat and drought, the risk of forest fires increases significantly at the weekend. The forest fire danger index of the DWD shows high to very high values ​​across the country. “Open fire and smoking are taboo in the forest,” said Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk (CDU) on Wednesday. Forest visitors should only use the designated barbecue areas, it is said.

The city of Stuttgart is going one step further when it comes to barbecuing and is closing the public barbeque areas. “The risk of forest fires in Stuttgart has risen sharply within a short period of time,” said the town hall on Wednesday. The barbecue areas would reopen as soon as the weather permits.

From Sunday the air is supposed to get muggy first. This increases the risk of thunderstorms in the country. The DWD is therefore expecting severe thunderstorms and slightly lower temperatures at the beginning of next week.

11:24 a.m .: Summer is back with full force this week. After a partly thundery start to the week, a mini heat wave is announced at the end of the week.

On Tuesday, there are still signs of partly dense veil clouds in the north and in the middle, but it will remain dry. In the south it is sunny. In the northern half and in the middle, 18 to 22 degrees are reached, in the south 20 to 24 degrees, along the Upper Rhine the summer continues undisturbed with up to 27 degrees.

On Wednesday the temperatures jump up again, the sun often shines, thunderstorms are only possible in the Alps and south-west from the afternoon. 20 to 28 degrees north and center face 25 to 32 degrees south.

On Thursday it will be very hot in the southwest with up to 33 degrees, otherwise 30 degrees will be reached in the south and in Lusatia. In the north and northwest it will remain significantly cooler at 20 to 26 degrees, but pleasantly warm.

On Friday, the heat then spreads to the west and the center, now there are also over 30 degrees on the Lower Rhine, and almost 35 degrees along the Upper Rhine. In the eastern half and in the north it is more pleasant with 22 to 28 degrees.

Saturday is expected to be the peak of the heat. Apart from the coastal regions, 30 degrees will be reached or exceeded everywhere, in the east and center over 35 degrees will be reached, in the southwest in the hottest region along the Upper Rhine, the weather maps calculate 40 degrees. It is a little more bearable with 30 degrees in the southeast.

After that, it will probably cool down again quickly, but the models are still divided. Some see extreme heat again on Sunday, especially in the east, while others say heavy thunderstorms will put an end to the heat everywhere starting Sunday.

Tuesday, June 7th, 6:27 p.m .: After the stormy Pentecost weekend, there are also some heat thunderstorms on Tuesday in some regions of the state, especially in eastern Baden-Württemberg. In several districts, the German Weather Service warns of severe thunderstorms with sometimes extremely heavy heavy rain and hail.

In these circles, the weather service warns at level 4:

In these circles, the weather service warns at level 3:

Monday, June 6, 7:35 a.m .: Storms in Lower Bavaria complained to the police and fire brigade on Pentecost Sunday. In Neukirchen, a tree fell on a car in front of a forest, the police said early Monday morning. A tree also fell on a moving car on federal highway 388 near Velden (Landshut district). In both cases no one was injured. In Pilsting (Dingolfing-Landau district), a beer tent with around 2,500 visitors had to be cleared due to a thunderstorm and the event ended.

11:04 p.m .: Heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain caused numerous fire brigade operations on Whitsunday in Darmstadt and the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. The Darmstadt fire brigade announced in the evening that several pumps at a sewage pumping station had failed due to a lightning strike. As a result, the water masses could not be drained into the sewage system. “Various cellars and apartments were sometimes full up to knee height,” it said. The fire brigade expected that the emergency services would be busy completing around 30 operations until late in the evening.

In the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, the fire brigade deployed around 50 times from around 5 p.m. Most of the water damage was reported, it said. The fire brigade counted the most operations in Griesheim.

9:17 p.m .: In the Allgäu there were severe thunderstorms with hail and stormy gusts of wind on Pentecost Sunday. The police confirmed that there were sometimes heavy hailstorms. During the thunderstorm, the fire brigade and police were deployed to more than 50 operations, most of which were between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. The German Weather Service (DWD) warned of extreme storms for the administrative districts of Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and Upper Palatinate in the evening.

In Biessenhofen, a car got stuck in a full underpass, the police said. The occupants were freed unharmed by the fire department. In Immenstadt, the gondolas of the Mittagbahn stopped due to the storm. Here, too, four people were freed. In Waltenhofen near Schwangau, lightning struck a building, causing smoke to develop. There was only minor damage, police said.

7:23 p.m .: Heavy rain and strong thunderstorms caused flooded streets and fallen trees in the Enzkreis on Pentecost Sunday. The police counted a total of 14 weather-related operations in the afternoon in Mühlacker, Eisingen, Ötisheim and Ölbronn-Dürrn, as the Pforzheim police headquarters announced in the evening. Among other things, dirt and debris had been washed up and trees had fallen onto the road. On Autobahn 8, manhole covers were pushed out of the ground due to aquaplaning.

On Pentecost Sunday there was heavy rain and strong thunderstorms in Baden-Württemberg. However, there was no major damage, as a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior announced. The German Weather Service (DWD) warned of severe weather in the region east of Stuttgart up to the Bavarian border for the period until Sunday evening around 9 p.m. At the start of the new week, the meteorologists are again expecting showers and isolated thunderstorms.

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