Violent gusts of over 150 kilometers per hour disrupted everyday lives across Ireland and Scotland, as Storm Barra hit and left people without power.

The storm from the Atlantic, which broke earlier in the week, tore through numerous regions of the UK and Ireland for at least two days. Dubbed the “weather bomb” by forecasters, it cut off power for at least 38,000 homes and businesses, flooded dozens of properties, caused structural damage, and downed trees. 

As storm Barra continues to affect the country we would ask the public to ensure that all Garden / Patio furniture and trampolines are secured. These objects, if unsecured can cause serious risk to the public and

The Irish Meteorological Service warned of “danger to life.”

This Power line fell in Wicklow earlier if any of the public comes across any fallen power lines keep well clear and assume that they are still live.

The severe and damaging winds hit while parts of the UK were still recovering from the previous Storm Arwen. Barra’s strongest gusts reached a speed of 156kmh (97mph) off the coast of west Cork in the Republic of Ireland. The average speed of winds was around 110kmh (68mph). 

Storm Barra captured by the Irish Lights team on Fastnet. Safety is paramount, especially during challenging weather conditions, as our team of attendants and technicians, with expertise in electronics, electrics and mechanics, are completing essential maintenance

Red and orange weather alerts were announced, prompting school and childcare facility closures in several areas, including in Dublin. People were warned to stay inside and away from coasts.


Storm Barra at Jones Pier, Dunany , co Louth Captured today at high tide

However, despite warnings of the weather bomb’s threat, emergency teams received reports of storm-watchers even in status red areas. 

Storm Barra hits Islay this afternoon

Some took the storm, reportedly named after a popular weather presenter in Ireland, Barra Best, truly in their stride. 

Storm Barra preparations truly underway in

Only in Dublin ?? in the middle off storm barra and there’s a man washing the paths ???? ☔️