Vladimir Putin signed instructions following the address to the citizens

Families with children having the right to the matkapital, will pay five thousand rubles for each child up to three years from 1 April. The measure will last three months. In addition, the Cabinet together with the regional authorities should provide monthly cash benefits for children aged 3 to 7 years from the 1st of June. Veterans, as promised by the President, will receive a one-time payment for the anniversary of the Victory earlier in April.

Vladimir Putin also ordered to set up to the end of the year the minimum size of temporary disability benefits in the amount of not less than the minimum wage and to increase the maximum size of unemployment benefits to one minimum wage.

the order of the President directed on social protection of citizens in connection with the spread of the coronavirus

the Government should determine a list of industries “in the most affected including the spread of novel coronavirus infection”, and then conduct ongoing monitoring of the economic situation and update the list.

Even the head of state instructed the Cabinet of Ministers until April 15 to develop jointly with the Central Bank and approval of the plan of action for the sustainable dynamics of crediting of real sector enterprises, providing including subsidizing interest rates on loans and the provision of government guarantees.

Small and medium business sectors affected in connection with the coronavirus, will receive tax deferral. For six months extended the terms of payment of taxes and advance payments of taxes (except VAT). To 15 percent will reduced the total amount of insurance contributions to the state extra-budgetary funds in respect of the payments and other remuneration in favor of citizens in excess of the minimum wage. The government together with the Central Bank up to 20 apladalen amendments aimed at providing small and medium businesses the right to apply to the Bank, to other professional lenders demanding the suspension of the term of the obligations under the credit agreement for up to six monthV.

Photo: Alexey Pavlicek / TASS Russia March 30 fully closes the state border of the

Before April 20, the government together with the Central Bank will also prepare amendments giving the right to individuals to claim credit vacation for six months in case of falling of incomes by 30% or more in connection with the coronavirus. Still, the President recommended until April 17 to simplify the procedure of bankruptcy of citizens.

Vladimir Putin has instructed to set the tax rate on incomes of physical persons at the rate of 13 per cent in respect of income in the form of interest on deposits (balances on accounts) in the Bank on the territory of Russia, and also in the form of interest (coupon) securities. The measure applies to income from investing more than a million rubles a year. The deadline is April 20. The President also indicated to determine the list of international treaties of the Russian Federation on avoidance of double taxation and to ensure the introduction of amendments to tax at 15 percent of income in the form of dividends and interest paid to non-tax residents of the Russian Federation. Additional income will be spent on payments to families with children, unemployed and temporarily disabled.