Vladimir Putin called the next week crucial in the fight against coronavirus

the President held a meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia in the videoconference. It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, Minister of health of Michael Murashko, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Earlier Vladimir Putin was asked to compile and present information on measures taken to combat the epidemic. “The situation is changing almost daily. And unfortunately, not for the better, – he stated. – Increases the number of sick people, and more and more cases of heavy course of the disease.” The coming weeks will be largely decisive, which means that all actions and preventive measures, and organization of the health system should be built optimally, ahead and considering all factors, said the President.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS Putin promised to punish the authorities for inefficient fight against COVID-19

Putin called areas with high risks – Moscow, Moscow region and large cities, including the megacities, and asked additional security measures and the protection of health of citizens who are there taken. “To continue to act in advance, and we, despite the fact that the situation is not getting any better, still able to act in this way, we need an objective Outlook. And not only medium-term or long-term, but periods next three, seven and ten days,” announced the President, asking the government to conduct and continuously update such forecast, to report to him daily.

“it is Necessary to consider all scenarios of situation development, even the most complex and extraordinary in order to flexibly, promptly korrato chirawat the strategy and tactics of our actions, primarily in providing medical care to citizens,” he instructed Putin. “The entire health care system must work as a single mechanism,” he said and drew attention to the need for clear communication, both between Federal agencies and between regions, the smooth operation of the institutions of the Ministry of healthcare, FMBA, other departmental medical institutions, private clinics.

the President called for efficient use of all resources and rational distribution of the load on hospitals and clinics, provide the opportunity for maneuver, given the situation in specific territories. It including is, to quickly redirect supplies protection to the medical reserves of the ventilator and medicines and medical teams in the regions and medical institutions where they are most at this time in demand. In Moscow and some other regions, employees of “ambulance”, hospitals and outpatient clinics the last week working in the regime of extremely high tension and loads, praised Putin and asked to report how is the formation of additional Madrigal. The head of state recalled that it is necessary to use the human potential of all medical institutions, specialized universities and schools. These professionals must receive all payments for special working conditions and means of individual protection, said the President. “I know that is not always enough. Here, of course, additional measures are needed to these deficits to be addressed,” he said and proposed to consider a centralized procurement and the establishment of a single Federal provision of personal protective equipment to doctors, equipment and medicines used in the treatment of coronavirus.

photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation/TASS Putin did not rule out raising funds MinobeRhone to combat COVID-19

lately there has been a steady trend of growth in the number of cases at the level of 16 to 18 percent, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. “We consider this the week that came, and the beginning of next week for Moscow and Moscow region as the period in which, probably, there will be a buildup of the disease,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. “To this date it’s been two incubation periods, and we see, based on how it is developing in other countries that from now on, almost monthly period, countries are starting to measure or record the growth of the disease or its transition to the corresponding plateau”, she continued. “We would very much like to have this build-up has turned into a plateau and we already had some more or less steady trend, which could observe and adjust their actions further”, – said Golikova.

it is Necessary to consider all scenarios of a situation, even the most complex and extraordinary

Deputy Prime Minister said that must be deployed 95 thousand beds in all regions, and of these, 40 thousand are already there. “We would have created an additional reserve, which is not going to distribute on the region, and he will exist among us as necessary for insurance purposes,” – said Golikova. Moscow also “unfolds” about 40 clinics, to early diagnose the disease and determine whether hospitalization, she explained.

“has Introduced throughput mode, which will work starting Wednesday. This introduced a system of electronic passes. Working with passes is not easy, in our portal we received an unprecedented ddos attack and the number of bots, along with colleagues are working to make this system work. Despite the difficulties, issued 900 thousand passes, almost a million is a huge amount,” – said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Such a permit from April 15 will be needed for those who are travelling by transport.

“We see today positive dynamics tactic produced by removal of patients from mechanical ventilation. Is daily replenished with these figures,” – said Minister of health Michael Murashko. “Over the weekend, in fact, with the ventilators we took two mothers and eight people who were on the ventilator,” said he. The head of the Ministry of health reported another positive news: the Russian company has developed the drug and made the first batch for clinical trials, which will take place no later than 10-12 days.

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS Putin instructed to consider the possibility of increasing the timing of a return ticket

In comparison with other countries, faced with the coronavirus, Russia is still much more preferably, praised Putin: “It is, of course, the result and the organization of the health system in the country.” “Not only because to us it came later. It is the result of good training of medical staff,” he said, adding that a lot of problems, and “especially to brag there is nothing and nowhere”.

“In General, experts say, the peak of the epidemic, we have failed, and failed even in Moscow”, – stated the head of state, adding that he considered justified the action of the city authorities.

the President urged to end to work out all technical and administrative issues that it does not create additional problems for citizens. Putin has demanded from heads of regions to be attentive to sanitary requirements, noting that in some regions a significant increase of patients with mers – “the result of sloppiness”. The time between regions, can quickly melt, it can not be spent thoughtlessly, warned the head of state.