Moussa El Habchi (43), who is leaving after three-and-a-half years with the Red Devils for the Moroccan national team. He was videoanalist, a dj, and a sounding board for a lot of players.

at Various times, he was allowed to run at the Festival, but in El Habchi, it is, perhaps, the most well-known of his “act”, with Eden Hazard out on the balcony of the town hall. As for the Red Devils to their third place finish at the world cup in 2018 rage, whipped the duo and the crowd, with a dj set.

El Habchi is a lot more to it than that. Ever since Roberto Martinez is a coach is, he has been working as a videoanalist for the Red Devils. Soon, he’s going for Morocco, where he has a contract for four years and it has been signed, reports the La Dernière Heure . “I’ve had great times with the Belgian squad, with the bronze medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS as the highlight.” However, he is born to a Moroccan, it don’t get it. “It has been a full-time job, and while I’m on the Devil’s part-time work was available.”

in Addition to his role as an analyst, and the dj was El-Habchi as a confidant to several international companies. “Because I’m still young, I’m, I was standing close to the group. Among others, Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku spoke a few words in Arabic to me. She was picked up by team mates.” In conclusion, I will give El-Habchi a role he has Hazard and Witsel after the career of the dj will be”.
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