Critics are taking to social media to express outrage over a video showing three NYPD cops in Brooklyn using their patrol vehicle to say “Trump 2020,” behavior that would be prohibited for an officer.

Multiple videos show the incident, which appeared to involve at least three officers, on Saturday night from multiple angles. 

An officer can be seen blocking a crosswalk with his vehicle in one video taken from a distance. He says “Trump 2020” through the car’s loudspeaker and encourages people to record him and post it to their social media. A man can be heard cursing at the officer, as the cop calls him a “tough guy” through the loudspeaker. Two other officers stand outside the vehicle. 

A second video recorded closer to the car shows the person to whom the officer was talking. The man recording the footage tells the officer to say “Trump 2020” again, and the cop eventually complies, leading the videographer to call him a “f**king fascist.”

Police officer in Brooklyn uses a loudspeaker to say “Trump 2020” while on the job

Officers are prohibited from endorsing any political candidates or expressing political views while on duty. 

The video has set off Trump critics on social media, with some even trying to identify and dox the cops.

“This officer should be fired,” pundit Kurt Bardella tweeted. 

“Meanwhile, NYPD is using taxpayer dollars to blast ‘Trump 2020’ from their loudspeakers,” activist Matt Sutton added. 

Make him famous, y’all.Pretty sure NYPD cops are not supposed to endorse political candidates over their squad car loudspeaker while on duty.@NYPDShea, care to weigh in?

Whoever’s in vehicle #3703 will be lucky to have a job by the end of the night. It’s against city policy for an officer to endorse a political candidate while on duty or in uniform.

My tax dollars did not pay for NYPD officers to broadcast Trump 2020 from their cruiser.

How the NYPD rolling up in Black communities these days (on my block): “Trump 2020. Put it on YouTube. Put it on Facebook…”Aight MFers… it’s on TWITTER TOO! BI-DEN! ???

The New York City Police Department has announced that they are investigating the incident as officers “must remain apolitical.”

We are aware of this video and it is under investigation by our Brooklyn South Investigation Unit.Police officers must remain apolitical.

New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea called the video “unacceptable” in his own statement.

One hundred percent unacceptable. Period.Law Enforcement must remain apolitical, it is essential in our role to serve ALL New Yorkers regardless of any political beliefs. It is essential for New Yorkers to trust their Police.Updates to follow after initial investigation.

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