Two and a half years after the opening of a first Véro house

The mayor of Victoriaville, Antoine Tardif, announced Monday morning the donation of this land located along the Promenade des Aînés. He was accompanied for the occasion by Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette, co-founders of the Véro Foundation

In addition to this land donation, there is a donation of three million dollars, offered by the Bourgeois Foundation. The Véro Foundation

In an interview with La Presse, Louis Morissette indicates that one element is missing before officially launching construction: a new agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which ensures the budget for services inside the homes.

The first house has an operating budget of 1.7 million per year, which is mainly used to pay the workers who supervise the 16 residents. It is currently running an operating deficit of several hundred thousand dollars per year due to rising labor costs and food prices.

“In Varennes, we assume it, but we will not be able to do it on 3, 5, 10 houses,” indicates Louis Morissette. This would be totally irresponsible as managers. » As soon as this new agreement is concluded, construction in Victoriaville can begin, he said. “We have another project ready to go to another region, which we are able to finance with the Foundation. We are waiting for the same agreement. If the Ministry helps us, we are able to help a lot of people, quickly. »

Louis Morissette indicates that “communication is good and cordial” with the Minister responsible for Social Services, Lionel Carmant. “I feel that the message is understood, but I also feel that the government also has a lot of things to manage at the moment and it is asking us for a little time to tie it all up,” says Louis Morissette, who nevertheless hopes to conclude this agreement quickly.

During the announcement Monday morning, Louis Morissette also launched a call for mobilization to the region’s community, recalling that the next stages of construction will require numerous resources. Community support must amount to one million dollars per year.

The Louis House