Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorced after just 15 months. Now the two actors faced each other in court for over six weeks – and made serious allegations against each other. The jury is currently deliberating on who ultimately wins the process. But in the end, both are the losers.

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has dominated the headlines for weeks. The actress accused her ex-husband of domestic violence, the actor responded with a lawsuit for defamation. The entire relationship history of the former supposed Hollywood dream couple was laid out in court. Uncomfortable for both parties and also for the spectators. While the trial is entertaining for some, for others it’s a painful reminder of the “MeToo” debate.

Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, made it clear in her closing statement: “Abuse is a reality for too many women, but the overwhelming body of evidence and the weight of that evidence shows it is not hers. It’s not Miss Heard’s story. It was an act of profound cruelty – not just for Mister Depp, but for all true victims of domestic violence.”

It remains to be seen whether the jury sees it the same way. She is still deliberating, the verdict is pending. It cannot be denied that in the course of the process some contradictions were uncovered that make Amber Heard seem implausible. It will be difficult to take your side now, as Johnny Depp is expected to have a positive outcome. During the trial she spoke of “her truth”, he of “the truth”. A subtle difference that did not go unnoticed by the observers.

Again and again Amber Heard got caught up in contradictory statements and memory gaps. An alleged evidence photo that she had submitted herself, she wanted to match two different “crime scenes” and at least one other photo was edited, as an expert was able to prove. A video that incriminated Johnny Depp and that was leaked to the US portal “TMZ” is considered one of the most important pieces of evidence.

Former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine caused a stir with his statement. He confirmed that TMZ owns the copyright to the video and released it minutes after receiving it. This is only possible if the author is known and he has assigned the rights. However, the portal was leaked an abridged version of the clip that doesn’t show Amber Heard setting up her camera at the beginning and smiling after her husband’s alleged freak out. The original was presented to the jury. Amber Heard claimed she could have released a lot worse if she’d wanted – debunking her earlier statement that she didn’t know how to leak videos to the press. Morgan Tremaine also testified that he had paparazzi target Amber Heard after being tipped off. “The order was to film her leaving the court. She should stop, face the camera and show the bruise on her face.” However, the bruise was no longer visible in photos that showed Amber Heard without makeup a little later.

Amber Heard’s attorney often seemed powerless. She had little to dispute the statements, claiming that Morgan Tremaine simply craves “15 minutes of fame.” He countered: “I could say the same thing about you since you took on Amber Heard as a client.” A sentence that made the introspective Johnny Depp smile. Morgan Tremaine made himself the target of his former employer with his testimony. TMZ had previously tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from appearing in court.

According to an expert in court, Johnny Depp is said to have lost around $40 million since the allegations became known. But it’s not the missed fees that hit the Hollywood star hardest. The actor’s image is badly damaged, his life is upside down. If the verdict proves him right, Johnny Depp has proven his innocence, but he will not get out of the trial unscathed. He spoke openly about his alcohol addiction and his broken family life, had to publish cruel text messages about his ex-wife. The process paints a stark picture of a toxic relationship.

While there is no clear victor in this bitter legal battle, Johnny Depp has something Amber Heard lacks: support. Colleagues, ex-employees, friends and even ex-partners jumped to his side – not to mention the social media hype. Every look, every piece of evidence, every statement has been analyzed over the past few weeks. With tears in his voice, witness and Depp confidant Isaac Baruch testified in court against Amber Heard. “So many people are affected by this vicious lie that created them. It is not fair. It’s not right what she did.”

Whoever wins the case has the law on his side. Whether Johnny Depp or Amber Heard will succeed in restoring their public image remains questionable.

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