U.S. veterans organizations hope that the news that Kabul is seeing private evacuation flights for Western citizens means that Afghans who are considered to be at risk due to their past work with Americans will soon also be able leave.

Republican and Democratic legislators, veterans groups, and other American organizations have been pressing Biden to do more for those Afghans. These include thousands of Afghans who were once part of the U.S. Military and are eligible to apply for Special Immigrant Visas.

James Miervaldis was a spokesperson for No One Left Behind, a veterans organization, and called the news “Awesome.” We’ll start getting SIVs booked up.”

Miervaldis stated that he has yet to hear from officials a commitment to send Afghan allies and citizens on the flights. However, veterans spoke to Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday and informed him that $2 million has been committed by the Afghan organizations for commercial flights out of Afghanistan.

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is interested both in stability and peace in Afghanistan, and in stopping the exodus from Afghanistan caused by the Taliban’s quick power grab last month.

On Thursday, Putin addressed a summit via videoconference to officials of Brazil, India, China, South Africa and China. Putin told BRICS leaders, “Russia, like its BRICS partner, supports the establishment and maintenance of peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

Putin stated that Russia is interested in stopping migration flows and wants Afghans “to live peaceful and dignified lives” in their homeland.

Moscow, which fought 10 years of war in Afghanistan and ended in 1989 with the Soviet troop withdrawal, has been a diplomatic mediator for the past few decades. It has reached out to feuding Afghan factions including the Taliban, despite Russia labeling them terrorist organizations.

Russia, unlike many other countries has not pledged to accept Afghan refugees following the Taliban’s victory. Putin stated previously that Moscow does not want militants to return to Russia under the pretext of refugees.