Which cars will increase in value? A well-known sports car dealer has his sights set on three vehicles that certainly have what it takes to become expensive garage gold – also because fascinating combustion engines work under the hood.

Germany in 2035: The last new car with a combustion engine has just been banned, but years before that many manufacturers had switched completely to electric models. The stock of diesel and petrol cars is dwindling every day, there are far fewer gas stations, and more and more cities only allow electric cars in their centers. In any case, this is a possible future scenario. And despite or precisely because of the triumph of the electric car, there will still be vehicles with roaring petrol engines in 2035, which you may no longer be allowed to drive everywhere, but which are valuable investments on wheels.

The well-known Hamburg sports car dealer Benjamin David, managing director of David Finest Sports Cars, has his sights set on three models in particular, which he sees as garage gold of the future. Of course there is no VW Golf, but sports cars and offloaders – but all three come from German manufacturers:

It is not surprising that Porsches are increasing in value. “The demand for cars with an increase in value is particularly high in the area of ​​classic Porsche models. The 964 model, which has proven to be very stable in price over the years, must certainly be mentioned with a significant increase in popularity,” says luxury car dealer Benjamin David.

In 2035, the Porsche 911 Classic will be exotic not only because of its powerful six-cylinder boxer petrol engine, but also because of its manual gear shift. The small series, limited to 1250 vehicles, takes up the spirit of the 1960s and early 1970s. The special model takes visual cues from both the original 991 and the 911 Carrera RS 2. Features of the Sport Classic include the wide body otherwise only reserved for turbo models, the rear spoiler in the legendary “ducktail” design and the double dome roof.

The 3.7-liter six-cylinder biturbo boxer mobilizes 550 hp (405 kW) for the rear-wheel drive, which, in conjunction with the seven-speed gearbox, makes the Sport Classic currently the most powerful manual 911.

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It is not uncommon for future buyers of such a rolling investment to come from the USA, reports luxury car expert David: “Here, older low-mileage models are currently in great demand, i.e. vehicles with low mileage. These mostly older models with very low mileage are bought relatively cheaply in Germany and sold at significantly higher prices in the USA.”

The Porsche Cayman should also soon be a coveted classic, even if the times of the naturally ventilated six-cylinder models are now over. With a four-cylinder turbo engine and a mid-engine design, the light and fast sports cars remain hot goods – and will definitely be rare in the future. Porsche is sending the next generation of the Cayman/Boxster into the race with electric motors (read more about this here).

The Mercedes G model is also an obvious investment, because the used car prices for the angular cult all-wheel drive vehicle are already astronomical. However, the drive of the car does not play such an important role as with a nine-eleven; Mercedes will even launch the car as an electric version in 2024 without changing the famous exterior design. If the G model makes it into the electric world and doesn’t lose its cult status in the process, a high increase in value of the old combustion engine variants may not be so certain.

In order for Porsche models or the rare G-classes – the annual production of the car is actually constantly sold out, buyers seem to swallow every price increase without complaint – to increase in value, they need careful treatment and maintenance. Sports car expert Benjamin David advises: “Original condition, meticulously precise documentation and the completeness of the papers and the lowest possible number of kilometers driven with just a few owners are almost indispensable basics. Not only the optical condition has to be right, the first vehicle registration documents, TÜV documents and the exact documentation of the workshop visits and inspections must also be available. Even the quality of the workshops that serviced or repaired the item has a significant impact on value.”

Some automobile investors even have their treasures stored by professional companies and only move them seldom so that they remain as rolling museum pieces in virtually new condition. Of course, you have to put aside the necessary small change for this special treatment. Upcoming classics are therefore a fairly expensive hobby – especially since the increase in value ultimately always remains speculative.

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