A negative test results, must is not enough to exclude the possibility that a patient has the coronavirus, assesses the national board of Health.

at Least five to ten percent of all negative coronatest can in fact be positive.

It assesses the Health of a new information material to the practitioners. It writes Jyllands-Posten.

Here be stressed that a negative test results, must therefore not stand alone in the assessment of whether a patient is infected with the coronavirus.

– based on current knowledge, we know that a certain proportion of those who tested negative, yet are infected with Covid-19, does it sound in the material.

– Based on current knowledge, it is estimated this to be the case at least five to ten percent of tested. It will say that a negative result does not completely rule out the possibility that you are infected.

If a patient is tested negative, have persistent or worsening symptoms, recommends the national board of Health, therefore, that doctors consider to repeat the test.

The wrong test results, must be due primarily, to not scrape enough of the virus in the test material being examined.

It is both to find the right place, where the virus is located. There can namely both be tested in the throat and in the lungs.

But it’s also about symptomernes strength. The test reliability decreases, the milder the symptoms are, the state board of Health.

Conversely, the positive response to coronatest only wrong in under one percent of the cases, it appears.

Jyllands-Posten has previously described how a negative answer to a coronatest at a hospital in Holstebro proved to be wrong. It was a part of the nursing staff on one of the hospital’s wards became ill with symptoms of the coronavirus.

the Case was chief physicians to emphasize how serious it is, when the test results, must give a false sense of security.