Russian troops arrested the mayor of Kherson. The Kremlin also confirmed the attack on the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk. However, the shopping center was not the target and was no longer in operation. The British secret service assumes that Russia is increasingly relying on reservists.

According to the authorities, large quantities of grain were destroyed in an attack in eastern Ukraine. A fire broke out in the affected warehouse in the city of Zelenodolsk, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Valentyn Resnichenko, wrote on Thursday in the Telegram news service. 40 tons of grain were destroyed. The governor blamed Russia. Information from the war zone is difficult or impossible to independently verify.

Along with Russia, the Ukraine is the most important supplier of grain and fertilizers for a number of poor countries, especially in Africa. However, because Russia is blocking Ukrainian ports, a lot of grain cannot be exported. In some areas of the world there is therefore a risk of the hunger crisis escalating further.

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Two baggage employees at Düsseldorf Airport gave a newspaper an insight into their everyday life. “Everything is much more extreme than it can be read in the press,” says one of the current situation. And he thinks things are about to get a whole lot worse.

The previous pressure on Russia is not enough, says Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Meanwhile, Kremlin boss Putin sees his war as planned – although experts suspect high losses. Below is an overview of what happened during the night and an outlook for the day.

On Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 132,671 new infections. A study shows a possible connection between a corona infection and an Alzheimer’s risk. Christian Drosten is reporting defamation. All news can be found here in the Corona ticker.