DBU is for the early out with its announcement that woman-the european championships and the U21-european championship will be moved to 2022. How to turn on Uefa it is now firm against B. T.

‘No formal decision has yet been taken, but it is certainly a likely possibility (for both tournaments),’ sounds in a written reply to Uefas communication unit, after that B. T. has asked for the case.

in other words: Yet (?) the two finals not officially been relocated in spite of DBU’s cocksure announcement, which came Wednesday.

UEFA has so far (mid-march) just announced that the two finals are being deferred as a result of the men’s european championship-finals, moved from 2020 to 2021 and, thus, would come to clash with the women’s european championship finals and U21 finals. But without specifying the new time for the conduct of the two finals.

on Wednesday, it said otherwise on DBU’s website, at a ‘virtual meeting’ on Wednesday between UEFA and the 55 member states had been decided: ‘That Woman-the european championships in England are being pushed from the summer of 2021 to the year after, and also U21-men’s EM being pushed.’

“In an optimal world was the finals tournament for the women’s team and the U21-men settled as planned. Overall, it is good for the women’s team and female football to get better space and more attention in the summer of 2022, where we can create a big football feast,” said DBU director of the Jacob Jensen in the connection.

Also in Sweden evokes the announcement of wonder. The Swedish media Aftonbladet has asked the president of the Swedish football association, Karl-Erik Nilsson, on the postponement of the first of all the women’s european championship finals.

He notes simply that ‘Denmark wonder’.

‘There is as yet no ExCo-decision (UEFAs executive committee, ed.), and the question was not up at yesterday’s Exco meeting. The message comes when it is finalised by the UEFA administration, and we are not there right yet,’ it said in a text message from Karl-Erik Nilsson to Aftonbladet.

the Women’s european championship finals, when the than must be settled, has England as the host, while the U-21 finals to take place in Hungary and Slovenia.

It is actually not the first time that a nordic football associations are a little too quick on the trigger in connection with the postponement of the finals.

As the men’s european championship finals a few weeks ago was moved from the summer of 2020 to 2021, the Norwegian football association also rap to report the resolution out in the UEFA. Read more about it here