at 65 per cent, of the Belgian professional footballers will once again be able to train at the club. This is clear from a corona, a survey of which of the spelersvakbond Sporta has taken its spelersvertegenwoordigers (34 players in 1A and 1B). This requires, however, that, in small groups, and under very strict hygienic measures is done.

Exactly one half of the football players, has agreed to start training with the club, and only 15 percent is “totally agree” to in order to do so. 23 per cent was “disagree” and 12% “totally disagree” to review the current quarantine is out….

Sporta, the survey, commissioned by the international spelersvakbond FIFPro. Two of the players in pro clubs have been contacted, and 34 of them sent in a reply. Most of them are experienced players, with 95 per cent are between 26 and 34 years of age.

The players were given to the question of whether they will be sensitive to the current coronamaatregelen. In Belgium, 24% “agree,” and 76 percent “completely agree”. No one puts in question the decision, at this time at home to work out.

it’s like a workout in the club, however, is subject to strict rules of hygiene, social distance, wish is two-thirds would prefer today rather than tomorrow, his previous place of work search. For example, in Germany, where there is a lot of clubs in the Bundesliga, players in small groups at the training centre to allow them to.


in The FIFPro referred to the mental well-being of the players. 32% of the respondents say that they are mild, and angstsymptomen to feel, and to 15 percent for “moderate to severe” symptoms. About 12 percent said mild, symptoms, of, depression as well as a 3% (or 1 player), “moderate to severe” symptoms.

A large majority (82 per cent) said that it is the mental support for their club or the football association would be enough. Of the 76 percent that is not afraid of his job as a professional footballer to lose it. 18 per cent said they have to worry about, only 6 percent are “very worried”.

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