In five decades of Ballermann, a lot has happened musically on the island. From “Anita” to “Cordula Grün” – Oliver Geissen works his way through the acoustic history of the beer and ham street. And finally finds the new royal hit from Mallorca.

So 1972. At that time, according to the legend, the members of the football bar club FC Merovingian allegedly made a party for the first time at the beach bar “Balneario 6”. Balneario, the beautiful Spanish word for “spa”, became Ballermann – a word that Germans can mumble without accident even after the third pot full of sangria. After 1972, more and more Germans came, bringing money and global prominence to the island. And made Mallorca the unofficial 17th federal state.

50 years of Ballermann means above all: 50 years of Ballermann sound. Bernhard Brink, Costa Cordalis, Jürgen Drews: Each of them was crowned King of Mallorca. Isi Glück, Ikke Hipgold, Tim Toupet: Without the Mediterranean island, they would be performing in run-down sheds somewhere in provincial Germany. On the other hand, on the “Bierstrasse” they are the innkeepers of the acoustic binge drinking.

In the “Ultimate Chart Show” Oliver Geissen sets out with the help of selected Malle experts on his way through five decades of musically high-percentage pleasures in order to ultimately choose the 2022 hit. Lucas Cordalis and Frauke Ludowig, Lola Weippert and Mike Singer, Mark Quashie aka “The Mad Stuntman” (“I like to move it”), Lorenz Büffel and even Andreas Gabalier accompany goats. The enough schnapps to compensate, but only in small glasses. And without a straw.

In addition, Geissen keeps asking his celebrities to play teasing Ballermann games: song title pantomime, ice cube curling, marking a deck chair, checking the water temperature with their nose and the humorous drinking game “Drink, if…”. Lola Weippert has to slurp something up here: she cut her hair herself, did a headstand on the counter, items on loan weren’t returned – been there, done that. Majorca? Is sometimes more of a character trait than an island.

Do you need alcohol to endure Ballermann hits? It’s exactly the other way around, claims Frauke Ludowig: “The music sets the level.” Perhaps because the typical Ballermann hit goes straight into the blood via the inner ear, without stopping in the cerebrum. Or because the texts have a similar effect on the language center as a lot of sun has on the brain. The level on Mallorca: It sings.

From “Three-layer toilet paper” to “The Red Horse” to “Dead Ducks / Shall Not Decay”: Ballermann poetry is poetry’s fart cushion. The catchy Dadaism of this genre eludes any German interpretation with a cheerful polonaise. You can still think after the holiday is over. Until then, hop, hop, hop until the island shakes!

But international hits like “Come on Eileen”, “Bambolea” or the Hasselhoff anthem “Looking for Freedom” have always liked to vacation in Malle, only to be towed from there as acoustic souvenirs to their various home countries. The Ballermann also keeps songs in the collective memory that would otherwise have long since left it. Which isn’t always a loss.

Funny: Between all the half-silk TV heroes and Malle girls, with which RTL likes to equip the “Chart Show” and asks them for their opinion, the broadcaster has also placed the Minister of Health this time. Slightly confused, Karl Lauterbach looks at a video by DJ Ötzi and judges: “Don’t speak to me.” Anything else would have disturbed us in the long term.

Four hours of Malle sound: away from Schinkenstraße, that’s not so easy to endure. And if you have to write about it, you can’t even drink the musical oath of revelation. Shortly before midnight you already feel quite “Hulapalu” in your head when the ultimate Malle hit for 2022 finally begins. How this highly Solomonic nomination comes about is a bit opaque, but no matter: It’s the Mallorca Allstars with “Nothing in the World”. Then a schnapps as a bedtime treat. Without a straw.

Sand toys made from sugar cane, an olive tree, a weather vane made from copper: “The price is hot” has a series of strange prizes that nobody really needs. And yet the simple classic is apparently well received by the TV audience.

After “Sing meine Song”, Vox invites this year’s host Johannes Oerding and his buddy Clueso to an outdoor adventure in the South African wilderness – and serves the viewers a nothing disguised as an artist portrait plus tourism advertising.

This topic was not for everyone: Because Iris Klein made a thoughtless comment about Shepherd Heinrich’s bodily odors, he reacted snubbed. And so in the semi-finals of “Battle of the Reality Stars” a rather crazy Zoff broke out.

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