Farewell pain with “Sing mein Song”: After intensive weeks in South Africa full of great emotions and moving performances, the stars around host Johannes Oerding celebrated a last evening together at the VOX “Swap Concert”. “It was such a rush,” Clueso gushed right at the start, setting the tone for exuberant group hugs and a flurry of compliments. Above all, however, nostalgia shaped the final episode, in which the musicians remembered their time with “Sing mein Song” and let the most memorable moments come to life in the form of duets. However, Elif, who had left early for personal reasons, was unable to attend.

“This is what I look like when I cry,” Clueso wondered as the group recapitulated his episode. Meanwhile, Johannes Oerding praised Lotte’s performance: “It’s like a world star, the way you’re standing there.” Because Clueso was “without words” because of that, he did what he does best with Kelvin Jones: singing. In their interpretation of “Tanzen” the whole “Sing mein Song” round was from second one – pure ecstasy! While Kelvin Jones let himself go on the table, Clueso performed robot dance routines. In the end, Dag-Alexis Kopplin from SDP even radioed SOS: “I hurt myself so much. Artists on the ground!” Clueso didn’t care, he summed up: “Stiftung Warentest: unfortunately awesome!”

The show got more touchy-feely when Johannes Oerding switched to Floor Jansen’s show. “Sing my song” is a “great gift”, enthused the Nightwish front woman. She also emphasized “how much I felt loved and accepted.” Host Oerding agreed: “It feels like you’ve been on the road with us for years.” The speech was so moving, the duet performance was so relaxed and easy – which was once again due to SDP. Together with Jansen, the duo brought a lavish arrangement of “Amaranth” to the stage and created a stadium atmosphere. “It’s like something out of a movie,” Clueso said, while SDP’s Vincent Stein noted, “The adrenaline kicks in.”

Johannes Oerding had already conjured up tears instead of adrenaline in the interpretation of Lotte’s “Dunkelrot zu schwarz” on their show. Their duet also had an effect: Floor Jansen snuggled up to Kelvin Jones, who followed the song with his eyes closed, Clueso was also deeply touched. “This song really is the perfect duet,” summed up SDP’s Dag-Alexis Kopplin. In general, looking back on Lotte’s show, emotions were a big topic. “I felt like one night I danced naked on the table in front of all my friends,” the artist described her soul striptease.

With so much melancholy, a faux pas by Oerding brought a good mood back to the show. When he announced the duet by Lotte and SDP, “Fuck Baby I’m In Love”, he rhetorically went wrong: Dag replied snippy to his erroneous announcement that the “best known, unknown band in the world was coming”: “That’s now an intelligence test.” Oerding babbled back: “Have you studied German, or what?” SDP colleague Vincent Stein also intervened and said in the direction of Oerding: “Make yourself a nest!” At the end of the performance – surprise – but then again all dear. “I want to be part of SDP, forever!” Lotte cheered and was happy: “I’m really a cool kid at last.”

What else was there to hear and see at the Sing meine Song conclusion? In addition to an above-average number of hugs, the two “world stars” (O-Ton Oerding) Kelvin Jones and Floor Jansen sang the soul singer’s hit, “Call You Home”. The other musicians kneeled in respect for the vocal power of the two in “Battle of the Giants” (Clueso). In addition, Clueso and Johannes Oerding performed the melancholic Oerding title “Im February”. The grand finale was then reserved for Clueso and SDP, who got everyone dancing again with reggae vibes and “Tanz out of rank”.

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After “Sing meine Song”, Vox invites this year’s host Johannes Oerding and his buddy Clueso to an outdoor adventure in the South African wilderness – and serves the viewers a nothing disguised as an artist portrait plus tourism advertising.

The original of this post “”Make yourself a eyrie!” Johannes Oerding has to take a beating in the finale” comes from the Teleschau.