Television with the Green Dot: With its “Turmsprung”, RTL recycles a program that Stefan Raab had brought to the screen for ProSieben seven years earlier. They jump high, fall low – and end up as torture TV for an overly anxious person.

If you jump high, you fall particularly low. Knossi and Mathias slaps on the water – Knossi on his back, Mathias brings the belly flop. This is tolerably synchronous, but somehow quite wrong. The RTL presenters Bella Lesnik and Angela Finger-Erben do it better. The two Bachelors Paul Janke and Dominik Stuckmann look cool, but practice a very different rhythm. “I was the absolute hydrophobic pussy,” admits Jay Khan before venturing onto the diving platform alongside Marc Terenzi. “That was okay,” the commentator praised. Well, that’s how it is: RTL gets wet when “diving”. But is it really still a full-length program?

The private broadcaster has carted together 20 candidates. But the first star of the long evening is Jan Köppen. The moderator jumps off the ten-meter board in a suit. Later, he shows even more talent and a lot of chest and stomach hair when he tries to sink a basketball into the hoop while jumping from the tower. And then he steps in front of the camera with a towel over his shoulders, swimming trunks and a wild hairstyle, only to go straight back to the moderation table. From there he admires the moderator colleague Lola Weippert. The 26-year-old jumps bravely, turns elegantly in the air – and hits the surface of the water with her face. It hurts a lot to watch. How does Laura Wontorra comment: “You have to count your teeth.” Lola Weippert herself experienced the hard impact a few centimeters lower. “I’m glad I don’t have silicone breasts, because otherwise they would have burst.” It goes straight to the anatomy.

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it. ass,” says Jolina Mennen. And the 29-year-old adds: “I had a small orgasm.” From the breasts to the buttocks and to the orgasm: the physical is so colorfully mixed on the RTL screen that a correction is necessary. “We are a serious sporting competition,” assures RTL. Then Lola and Charlotte Weippert seem to be surprised. When the sisters enter the final, they get a fright – they haven’t prepared any more jumps for the time after midnight. By the way, Philipp Boy, the former gymnast, makes first place. At this point, the second presenter, Frank Buschmann, dressed in a suit, jumps into the pool. “You can throw a carcass into the water,” he comments on his own jump. It is the time of declarations of love. Buschmann jumps out of enthusiasm for “Orgasm”-Joline. And right after that in the dubbing finale, Wontorra gets excited and names the duo Marc Terenzi and Jay Khan as the duo of her heart. And the synchro finale? Steffi Edelmann and Moritz Hans win with a jump from the ten meter tower with a tucked Auerbach somersault. That’s it then? no At the very end, after the award ceremony, RTL torments Jens “Knossi” Knossalla. He is said to have an extreme fear of heights. And he’s amazed when he takes the lift up: “How can you be so scared?” He jumps. He laughs. It’s over. And Jan Köppen jumps after it again. If you jump high, you fall deep.

Eight years after the end of “How I Met Your Mother,” a bored child is once again able to listen to his parents’ love story in sitcom format. Unfortunately, “How I Met Your Father” lacks almost everything that once made the story about Ted, Barney, Marshall, Robin and Lily so successful.

In “Who dies, you won’t believe him” two widowed spouses reveal a macabre secret. Sat.1 shows the “Transformers” spin-off “Bumblebee”. The “strong team” (ZDF) investigates the murder in an allotment colony.

Rapidly staged adventure roller coaster about a dinosaur project running amok, with timeless animatronic effects and catchy music. – From 14.4.6., 20.15-22.10, zdf_neo