It was the most personal case of his TV career: At the start of the new “Rosins Restaurants” season (4 new episodes, Thursdays, 8:15 p.m., Kabel Eins), Frank Rosin wanted to save the life’s work of his recently deceased mother Marlies – the “Glückauf-Grill ‘ in his hometown of Dorsten. The problem with this: The designated new operator of the cult snack bar from the pot, Josip (41), did not stand up to Frank’s strict judgement. For Josip, the case was clear: “If Frank wants to tell my tenant that I’m not the right one, then Frank is not the right one for me! Away with it! Then I can throw him down the bridge too!” Rough manners in Dorsten!

But how did such a rift come about? The new owner of the “Glückauf-Grill”, which mother Rosin ran for 40 years until she retired in 2011, actually agreed with operator Josip. Patrick Schürhoff, himself a “child” of the grill, used to do his schoolwork there while his parents were at work. Now he wanted the snack bar to be continued in the spirit of Mother Rosin. Means: with homemade, fresh dishes. But can Josip do that at all? Star chef Frank Rosin should find out.

Together they ordered Josip to the now dilapidated “Glückauf-Grill”, which first had to be completely renovated. There, Frank wanted to subject the trained restaurant specialist, who is currently working as a house technician, to a tough test: In a specially rented food truck, the 41-year-old was supposed to conjure up typical snack dishes for 20 test eaters from the region in 90 minutes.

Josip was taken aback: “I’m in a fix, I can’t do it!” He complained. In the end, even owner Patrick had to help Josip to get anything done. Frank Rosin was visibly pissed off: “My mother would turn in her grave if she saw that!” he scolded. Despite this failure, Josip was satisfied with his performance, but found Frank “bitchy”. And the Dorsten test eaters? Their verdict was clear: “I thought it was much better before,” explained one customer, another: “The meatball tasted of air!”

While Patrick was working flat out on the core refurbishment of the “Glückauf-Grill”, Rosin took Josip to her chest. But his “business concept” upset Frank even more: Josip only wanted to open at 5 p.m. on weekdays so that he could continue to work as an employee.

“You can forget that!” the star chef exclaimed. “It was clear to me that he hadn’t thought it through!” Josip vehemently contradicted him. He had already made a lot of notes and lists, but when Frank wanted to see them, he stumbled again: “I’ll tell you honestly, I don’t trust you!” Rosin revealed to him. But not only that: “He was culinary immobilized,” he explained to the audience. And: “A bit of a dander !“

Now Patrick should decide – and the Zoff went into the next round. Apparently, Josip originally presented the owner of the “Glückauf Grill” with a completely different concept. In any case, Patrick was anything but enthusiastic about the opening times. “If Josip hits the wall, then the thing is finished!” scolded Rosin. A job on the side – that’s a completely wrong approach. Josip was bitchy: “Why? Your business is no longer running? You’re now full-time out of the restaurant full-time!” He etched against Rosin.

If looks could kill! “When someone comes with such an irrelevant statement, I know it’s over for me now!” Said the TV chef and left. Poor Patrick now had the salad. After a few days of reflection, he separated from Josip. Now he not only had to deal with the stressful conversion, he also had to find a suitable new operator in no time at all.

But in the end luck was still on the side of the “Glückauf-Grill” and they landed a real stroke of luck: Eric Jaeger, Dorsten’s second generation snack bar operator, not only convinced the test eaters all along the line, but also the star chef: “This is my world, That’s my star kitchen,” he praised the “Frittenkönig”.

With Patrick and his crew working day and night, Rosin’s “kids room” was finally able to open on time. The Maître was touched and happy, but of course there was also some melancholy: “It’s a shame that my parents don’t see it,” said Rosin. “Both would be extremely proud – and would also faint!”

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