Montreal-based Tungsten Luminaires is getting a makeover. Known for her personalized lighting, she is now embarking on the creation of collections. The new fixtures will be able to fit together and complement each other, says founder Jani Thibeault.

“We wanted something that would stand out towards another universe,” explains Jani Thibeault, who co-founded the workshop in 2016. The company is offering three new collections, including its latest creation, Aube. In this signature collection, the various pendant, wall, surface and table lamps – with a floating effect – come in five organic colors and are composed of white oak and brass hardware.

The Émilie collection instead features linear suspensions, designed with imposing curved pieces of wood and metallic details. These luminaires are intended as a design object that does not skimp on their primary function: to illuminate.

The Margot collection is an alloy of aesthetics and functionality: the luminaire is also a growth lamp for plants. Describing herself as a “plant fanatic”, Jani Thibeault wanted to offer a product that would allow plants to grow while being pleasing to the eye.

“We have a new collection coming up in the fall with a furniture store and another one we’ll be launching in February,” says Jani Thibeault. The goal: to offer at least one collection per year in order to “increase the offer and the range of products”. The next collections of Tungsten will be in the same vein as those recently created. We can therefore expect raw materials – wood and marble – which harmonize with the more industrial style of metal alloys – steel, aluminum, brass.

Doing business mainly with artisans and suppliers from Quebec, Tungsten offers artisanal products. Although it manufactures one luminaire – and one control – at a time, the company is “capable of doing large volumes”, assures its founder.

Tungsten’s shift is part of a desire to last even longer thanks to lamps with a timeless style. Already, customers who had purchased Tungsten luminaires are contacting the company to get new ones, says its founder. It’s not because the ones previously purchased are obsolete, but because they want to add more to their lineup. These new collections will “accompany our customers over time and allow our universe to grow”.

Tungsten is even deployed elsewhere than in Quebec. “We have a niche product, so they all want us,” proudly states the founder, who recently visited Toronto and British Columbia – and will soon be heading to Chicago – to meet with agencies. “Agencies often have few decorative fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and practical like Tungsten,” she adds.

Jani Thibeault was waiting for the right moment for the growth and renewal of her business. “We think differently, that’s really the turning point at Tungsten,” she explains. These collections, designed for both commercial and residential, will not be sold online, except in collaboration with the furniture store. We can therefore contact the workshop directly in order to have a personalized follow-up, an aspect that is always very important in the eyes of the founder.