Sint-Truiden, belgium, small-scale Fruit farmers in Piet Porreye and Fern supercross world cup were last night on their watch, and thermometer carefully into the hole. At two o’clock the time had finally come, and set them armed with a bunsenbranders of the braziers on their kersenplantages. The necessary measures to be in the middle of the night, the beautiful images will result. Our photographer Karolien Coenen was there.

“Where the braziers need to be? Those braziers are very important to us. They will make sure that the cherries are the current frost to survive,’ explains Pete Porreye out. “It’s like this. The apples and pears in frost water. The ‘stalactites’ that is, the fruit will help the fruit to survive. But kersentakken may not stand up well to freezing. By the braziers to light it up is hot air in the orchard, so the frost damage to flower bud formation. Now, most of the cherry trees in flower are starting to come in, they are in a vulnerable position. And so are the braziers in the barn, not a necessity. If you stay in bed, it may well have been good, but we’ll take everything from the inside of the cherry, by a period of frost to help out. Now, it will be of a smaller cherry harvest will be in comparison to the previous year. A lot of it depends on what the weather for the next few days are going to be doing. With a predicted twenty degrees celsius during the weekend, it looks like there is already good enough.”