In a comprehensive YouTube interview, the owner of the Trigema Group, Wolfgang Grupp, strongly counted the position of the West in the Ukraine war. In particular, the entrepreneur focused his criticism on Germany’s arms deliveries to Kyiv. This would also put a huge strain on the German population.

“It can’t be that citizens have to freeze so that we can deliver more and more weapons to Ukraine,” said Grupp. “One has to have reason somewhere.”

Nevertheless, the federal government would accept that the people who bear the cost of financing the arms deliveries groan under the rising energy prices. “The politicians are impossible in my eyes: “No problem, billions of taxpayers pay, the economy pays,” calculates the entrepreneur and demands: “They should be held liable with their salaries.”

In addition, according to Grupp, the deliveries would not end the war more quickly, but would fuel it further. “If two people fought in front of my company and I gave one a big ax and the other a big knife, you would say, ‘The group is starting to go crazy’,” said the 80-year-old symbolically. “I have to separate the two.” Germany should also ensure that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is calmed down and finally settled as quickly as possible.

Grupp believes it is unlikely that the war will end without peace negotiations. “I can’t imagine that Putin will give up this war as lost. There is also the risk that in the end it will always end in the direction of a nuclear hazard,” says the managing director of the long-established company.

There is another reason why Grupp has no sympathy for “these giant weapons deliveries”: According to him, Germany would thereby comply with the wishes of the USA, which is supplying the weapons – and would have them tested in the war through the weapons orders from the West. In addition, Washington would expand its sole global supremacy through the Western alliance against Moscow, while the world power Russia would be “made small”. In Grupp’s opinion, Europe is also being kept small by the USA.

The company boss is also critical of US President Joe Biden’s change of course in the Ukraine war. While he had spoken out against negotiations with Putin before the US midterm elections, in which the Republicans were able to hold the House of Representatives for themselves, the Democratic head of state then changed his mind in favor of the Republican camp. “It’s a double-edged sword,” Grupp said. Biden must stand by his opinion. His change of heart, which has now taken place, but to speak to the Russian ruler, should have happened before the war. Now it is “much too late” for that, according to Grupp.