(London) The first plaintiff in Kevin Spacey’s London sexual assault trial described the American actor as “a predator” in a police interview broadcast Monday in court.

Judged since last week, Kevin Spacey, 63, pleads not guilty to 12 charges of sexual assault on four men between 2001 and 2013, in particular from 2004 when he was director of the London theater Old Vic.

In the video of the interrogation, the man says that Kevin Spacey attacked him several times, in particular when he was driving him to a lavish party in the early 2000s.

“He grabbed me (the private parts) so hard that I almost ran off the road,” he explained. “I pushed him against the door and said, ‘don’t do that again or I’ll give you one’.”

According to him, young and handsome men were warned about the behavior of the actor, who he described as “aggressive” and with “very disturbed sexuality”.

They were told to “be careful”. “Everyone knew he was doing no good.”

The alleged victim, who has not been identified for legal reasons, said he was “disgusted” and found the actor’s attorney, Patrick Gibbs’ questions about his sexuality “ridiculous”.

Answering questions out of sight, he also expressed his “shame.”

“Nothing happened between us, he attacked me,” he replied to the actor’s lawyer, denying having had any feelings for the comedian.

To the police, he said that when he asked Kevin Spacey to stop trying to “grope” him, the actor said nothing. “He was laughing and changing the subject,” he explained.

Facing the police, he explained that he could no longer bear to see Spacey on the screen.

The actor, a two-time Oscar winner for his roles in American Beauty and Usual Suspects, was described last week as a “sexual harasser” by the prosecution.

These accusations emerged in 2017 at the start of the movement

In the process, he was landed from the series and other projects in which he was to participate.

During the investigation, Kevin Spacey denied these accusations, believing that some were “made up” and that other acts described were “consensual”.

Also accused of sexual assault in the United States, Kevin Spacey was found not guilty last year by a New York civil court. And in 2019, the charges were dropped in another case.