(London) Accused of sexual assault by four men, American actor Kevin Spacey remained impassive on Friday at his trial in London where the prosecution described him as a “sexual harasser” who used his influence to achieve his purposes.

The Hollywood star has pleaded not guilty to all 12 charges of sexually assaulting four men between 2001 and 2013, including from 2004 when he was manager of London’s Old Vic theatre.

Kevin Spacey is “a man who doesn’t respect boundaries or personal space”, who “likes to make other people […] uncomfortable, a sexual harasser”, the Crown representative asserted at the outset. Prosecution Service (CPS, the British prosecution), Christine Agnew.

After the selection of the jury and the statement of the charges on Wednesday, the floor was Friday morning for the prosecution, which detailed the assaults that the four men, who cannot be identified under English law, say they suffered.

The actor, twice Oscar winner for his roles in American Beauty and Usual Suspects, allegedly “touched (one of them) inappropriately […] trying to grab his butt.” “On several occasions, Kevin Spacey grabbed (this man’s) genitals through his clothes,” without his consent, she added.

Another alleged victim, who was 28 at the time, claims to have met the actor in a theater in 2005 and that he “grabbed his penis with such force that it hurt him”, further detailed the accusation.

A third man, met by the actor in a pub one evening in 2013 before going to a party together, accuses the actor of grabbing and squeezing his crotch with his hand, after kissing him on the neck , despite his refusal.

Finally, a 23-year-old rookie actor was allegedly assaulted in 2008. According to the prosecution, the alleged victim, after being invited by Kevin Spacey for a drink in an apartment, fell asleep and then awoke when she realized that the actor was performing oral sex on her. Despite his refusal, he would have continued and the victim would have pushed him away, before leaving the apartment.

Listening to his accusations, the actor remained impassive in the glass box of the defendants of the Southwark Crown Court, where he appeared free. A little earlier, he had arrived smiling, dressed in a gray suit and a yellow tie.

The four men claimed during the investigation that they had not dared to speak earlier, one of them indicating for example that “he was not sure if he was believed, and that even if he had been , he didn’t think he would have been supported,” the prosecution explained.

These accusations emerged in 2017 at the start of the movement

During the investigation, Kevin Spacey denied these accusations, believing that some were “made up” and that other acts described were “consensual”, said Christine Agnew. Mr. Spacey also believed that some alleged victims would seek financial compensation by filing this lawsuit.

Speaking shortly after, the actor’s lawyer, Patrick Gibbs, said the trial would clarify “what happened, […] what was made up or misrepresented and why and when, because everything this […] happened a long time ago”.

“Kevin Spacey was wealthy and influential,” he added, asking jurors to ponder the intentions of the alleged victims. “What did they want from his wealth and influence? And what are they waiting for today? he asked, saying the issue of consent would be a key subject of the trial.

Also accused of sexual assault in the United States, Kevin Spacey was found not guilty last year by a New York civil court. And in 2019, the charges were dropped in another case.