MSNBC host Chris Hayes has inadvertently baffled the internet after Twitter users dug up an old tweet, posted before Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, in which he said “a master race” of black people was “taking over” Washington.

“Washington has been taken over by a master race of beautiful black people. I wish they’d all stay,” Hayes bizarrely opined on January 18. It was just two days before Obama was sworn in as the US’s first African-American president.

Washington has been taken over by a master race of beautiful black people. I wish they’d all stay.

The liberal commenter’s words were seemingly intended affectionately toward the Obamas, but after discovering the decade-old tweet on Tuesday, no one seemed to know quite what to make of it.

Some urged the MSNBC host to either delete it or “elaborate” on what he meant.


Hey Chris care to elaborate?

Some took issue with Hayes jokingly endorsing some kind of anti-white racism, while others speculated that he might have been “overcompensating” for his own racism.

Ignore the haters Chris, their skull shape precludes them from behaving rationally

are you being “ironic” right? ??????

this is the kind of tweet a white person writes when he’s trying to overcompensate for having had very racist thoughts

A few also drew comparisons with the disturbing 2017 thriller ‘Get Out’ which satirized white liberals disingenuously fawning over Obama and African Americans and then later transplanting their brains into other people’s bodies.

Chris Hayes during the Obama inauguration

Others just thought the whole thing was nothing but “cringe.”

this is probably something about Obamatop tier cringe even for then

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