It is almost de rigueur to drink alcohol in company or at parties. But it is not uncommon for people to drink one too many glasses. Your body can handle being a little drunk, right?

If you repeatedly drink too much alcohol at festivals, celebrations and meals, there can be numerous consequences for your body. The following nine effects on your organs can threaten.

Nerve cells die, brain tissue shrinks. This leads directly to a reduction in memory and concentration, and in the long term to declining intelligence.

If you regularly drink a lot of alcohol, your skin will appear increasingly doughy and puffy over the years. A bulbous thickening of the nose is hardly reversible.

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Alcohol Atlas 2022 – Almost 20,000 people develop cancer every year because of too much alcohol

The risk of cancer, especially in the mouth and throat area and in the esophagus, increases – and increases many times over if you smoke in addition to drinking alcohol.

There is a risk of high blood pressure, arrhythmia and heart muscle inflammation. No one needs wine to protect the heart, exercise is much better.

Every drop of alcohol has to be broken down by the liver – that’s hard work! There is a risk of swelling, inflammation, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis.

Pregnant women endanger unborn life. Men lower their testosterone levels, impotence is possible.

The consequences are trembling hands (not only in the case of addicts!) and painful areas (e.g. in the feet).

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The pancreas is impaired in its function, which disrupts fat digestion. Painful inflammation, circulatory and kidney failure are possible.

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa in particular, but also cancer occurs more frequently.

In addition, the transport and absorption of nutrients in the intestine are disrupted, and the body is no longer sufficiently supplied with vital nutrients.

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