the preservation of the already built sports arenas and other facilities of the Olympic infrastructure in order is one of the main concerns of the organizers. The organizers have confirmed that 80 percent built and prepared for the Olympics for sure can be used for Games in a year.

Some doubts have arisen about the Olympic village and a giant press center, but on their account active negotiations that give cause for optimism. All these issues were discussed together with the organizing Committee of the Games in Tokyo at the recent IOC Executive Board.

However, the sponsors have had some difficulties. In the beginning of the local companies are actively “invested” in the Game. The total amount is a record $ 3.3 billion. Now, however, enthusiasm among Japanese businessmen diminished. The reasons are clear. As informs Agency France-Presse, with reference to the organizers, “no one can truly and 100 percent promise that the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2021 will take place”.

This data is taken from special studies conducted by Japanese public broadcaster NHK Central: “Two-thirds of the corporate sponsors of the Games in Tokyo not yet decided whether they continue to financially support the 2020 Olympic games for another year. 12 per cent confirmed their interest”.

Hesitation is not unreasonable. And suddenly the Game will not take place in 2021? Indeed, in this case, they will be canceled. And if, as we all dream, the Olympics will be held in new terms, then logically the inflow of both internal and external audiences because of the pandemic is clearly reduced. How many of the same problems, hopes, doubts.