In the spring you constantly get a bad Conscience: The neighbors knock in the garden, the carpets, clean the Windows and edit the terrace with the high-pressure cleaner. Inevitably, the view on the own sleazy corners falls there.

this year is particularly bad. Because of the corona crisis, we are all the much at home and not only make more Dirt – he bothers us more. It’s high time for a spring cleaning – a good old Tradition, the power according to the experts, but still make sense.

“In and out of the dust is difficult to adhere to, volatile organic Compounds, such as various metals, PAHS from combustion residues, biocides, and plasticizers,” says Heinz-Jörn Moriske by the Federal environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau.

dust, there is always – and this is okay

The same is also true for microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. Therefore, you should ventilate at least twice a day for several minutes, the best cross. And when Cleaning only damp mopping, then vacuuming, recommends Moriske.

However, even if you every day brush, is always dust in the apartment, says the environmental hygienists. “Dust in the usual concentrations for the healthy people and the immune system is also not a Problem.”

Nevertheless, As a spring cleaning can do well. By exempting the apartment from the dust and Wintermuff, maybe the closets cleaning out, so you can also discard some Ballast. Not to mention the fact that it now spends a lot of time at home and it is simply beautiful.

spring clean curtains wash

is called a spring cleaning is no ordinary week cleaning: “When spring cleaning, it’s not about areas that constantly need to be cleaned, such as shower cabin, a washbasin, a toilet, and the kitchen work surfaces”, explains Bernd Glassl from the industrial Association for body care and detergents. “Instead, it goes to the Places we don’t clean otherwise, so on a regular basis.”

For example, cabinets should be freed once the inside of dust and you should also climb a ladder and remove dust, located on the top of the cabinets, called Glassl a starting point. “Cabinets that you can move, you should move to the front to time, including clean up and free the back, for example, of cobwebs – sometimes you can find then even lost objects.”

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From top-to-bottom cleaning

But where do you start in a room? “In front of the Cleaning things that are no longer needed, it is recommended to clear out of the way or to dispose of even” called Glassl the Obvious, which is, however, not made often for the first time.

And usually is then cleaned from the top to the bottom: “First, wipe the Cabinet top, then the floor clean. When Wiping or vacuuming of the floor, the following applies: in the Back of the room begin and to the door of preparatory work.“

Not everything in a

Tag do, And how much time you should plan? Glassl advises, not all at once. “But only one space, because then the success is faster,” says cleaning expert. Another method is to brush on, for example, all the Windows in the apartment. This has the advantage that the required utensils must not be taken back again out.“

Brigitte Less by the Federation house of agricultural jobs is recommended, actually, to distribute the work evenly across the year and not to want everything in the spring to do. To do this, you should create the best weeks and annual plans. “That’s a relief, because you can get out of the bad Conscience, the need to finally clean everything.”

You only need the basic cleaning products

the disinfectant keeps the plaster expert by the way, is superfluous. “This is too much of a Good thing,” she says. A clean house is a few basic cleaning products will do: for example, a General-purpose cleaner for the basic cleaning, including vinegar or orange cleaner against lime and a good micro fiber cloth.

another tip from her is always the best solution against stains: If possible, the dirt fresh and not wait until it has set properly. Only then it will be exhausting. The Focus-real estate, Atlas 2019

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