Police said Tuesday that a 3-month-old boy who had been kidnapped from his San Francisco Bay Area house was located and that three suspects were arrested.

Brandon Cuellar, the baby, was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The San Jose Police Department posted the news on Twitter without naming the location of the boy.

This announcement was made shortly after reporters were told by police that a woman had been taken into custody as “a person in interest” in the case due to inconsistencies in her statements regarding the kidnapping. The authorities stated that three suspects were being held, but didn’t say whether the woman was one of them.

A man entered the house and took the child with him Monday.

According to a San Jose Police spokesperson, the woman taken into custody was not identified. She was there with Brandon Cuellar’s grandmother when he was kidnapped Monday by an unknown male. Christian Camarillo told reporters Tuesday.

He said, “This was a person that was with the grandmother yesterday as they went shopping. She was present at the apartment complex for this to happen.” “There are some inconsistencies in what she has said to us. We are able to draw our attention to the things she knows about this.

Police released a video of the man holding the baby carrier and a blanket covering his body as he walked down the street.

Police initially tweeted that “The suspect is not recognized by the family”.

Camarillo said Monday to reporters that the grandmother of the baby had reported the kidnapping.

Camarillo stated that the grandmother returned to her apartment …. with the baby. She then went downstairs to load groceries. “In that brief time, someone entered the apartment… and then left with the baby.”

Brandon was last seen in a white onesie with dinosaurs on the long-sleeve.

Camarillo stated that the baby’s mother was working when the abduction occurred.

“Dad is now out of the picture. He is currently in prison. Camarillo stated that he doesn’t know if this will affect the outcome, but that we are going talk to him soon.

Because he was wearing a mask, it was difficult to distinguish the man who had taken the baby.


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