The common hamster, living on the territory of Russia and Europe, North smooth kit and almost a third of the lemur species have been added to the list the red list the International Union for conservation of nature.

According to experts, quoted by The Guardian, the hamster has undergone a sharp decline in the population of on-site habitat and, if no action is taken, may disappear completely in 30 years. The reason is the reduction of the rate of reproduction of the species, if earlier, from one female were born over 20 cubs per year, today this figure dropped to 5-6 kids. Scientists do not fully understand what caused the reduction of reproduction. Among the possible reasons are referred to as industrial development, expansion of agricultural lands and global warming. To date, the common hamster, who was formerly widespread across Eurasia from Belgium to the North-West of China, has disappeared from 75 percent of the area in Eastern Europe.

In the updated list of animals threatened by extinction, was smooth and Northern China. The population of this species in 2011 was reduced by as much as 11 percent. Now there are only about 250 Mature individuals. The reasons of the sad statistics – the death of animals from nets and collisions with vessels, as well as reducing the rate of reproduction.

Complete the list and 33 species of lemurs – their population is declining dramatically due to deforestation and hunting, in Africa and Madagascar.

The total number of Red-listed species were exceeded 120 thousand – 120 372 species.