Three of the flash mob that define the time in isolation


This is a flash mob for everything good and against everything bad, launched by the newspaper the Art Newspaper Russia (TANR), was initially designed for artists who participate in the program workshops and art residences Museum of modern art “Garage”. They sent their work, or otherwise associated with quarantine: the inspired or just the first great seat of the house. But now TANR decided to invite to participate in this story, everyone.

Photo: courtesy of the public As a friendly get-together turned into a nationwide creative flashmob

What to do? The algorithm is simple: publish in social networks created during the period of quarantine or of step with the present work, check the hashtag #alteranting the #artquarantine.

in the long term? The pleasure of creating the work, the excitement of the competition, and perhaps (why not?) one of the three prizes. As gifts to the winners promised a cool book that won the prize The Art Newspaper Russia in recent years. This “Paper architecture: the anthology” Yuri Avvakumov (ed. The Museum of modern art “Garage” with the support of the AVC Charity), “Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and his school” (ed. “Galeev gallery”), and “Russian artists at the Venice Biennale. 1895-2013” Nicholas of Milk (ed. Stella Art Foundation).

the Winners will be announced April 20.


in fact, this flash mob was invented by the Italians. God bless them and all who are now experiencing invasion COVID-19! I can see why this flash mob was born in Italy. There’s even a view of the rooftops of the picturesque, not to mention Piazza San Marco and the fountains Rima… So, our Museum of architecture named after Schusev, Moscow has decided to pick up the baton.

the Idea is remarkable in that each allows you to feel the artist. It is enough to decide that the window frame is the frame of the picture. Of course, genre scenes on the canvas you will find plenty. Birds fly, cats wash their fight, and happy dog owners slowly strode across the yard, causing a burning envy. In short, life is everywhere.

Photo: litmuzey@instagram social networks gaining popularity “bored” flashmob

Change the angle of view, and you’ll find that everywhere – architecture! Even if it is a children’s Playground with a rickety “rocket”, now fenced-in red-and-white quarantine tape, bus stop, cozy five-story building or skyscraper, where you can now see the sunrise.

the Museum of architecture invites all who are not indifferent to the environment we 24/7 space, photograph the view from the Windows of a home or apartment and publish the page, any of the available social networks with hastega #of merismopedia.

Here are the recommendations of the Museum: “Pay attention to the appearance of neighboring houses, which had not noticed. What kind of house? Experimental housing 1960-ies or daring avant-garde of the 1920s? Maybe you are lucky enough to live near a monument of architecture of art Nouveau apartment house or historicism? Or in a new residential complex with play of color spots on the façade?”

in the meantime, you can compare your view from the window paintings, the opening of the window of the Museum employees… you can find Them on the blogs of the Museum in social networks.

Fotoebi against coronavirus Photo: ta_maltseva_art / Flashmob #homeartchallenge has United artists across the country

Artguide noticed that bloggers in the era of pandemic, loved the collages based on the legendary masterpieces. And since “Artid” supports the creation of new masterpieces, he announced a competition fotosub opposing the coronavirus and drawing attention to related issues.

Artguide invited readers to send in their posters, collages, motivators and demotivators to address marked in the subject line “Coronavirus. The competition”. The conditions of the competition see here.

the Best work promise to publish, and the three winners will get a collection of stories by Pavel Pepperstein “the Age of amusement” (third prize), the book of the artist Victor Pivovarov “agent in Love” (second prize) and became a rarity in the catalogue of the exhibition of artist Pavel Pepperstein “City of Russia”.