because of the tortuous rules, many of them either rebook or get their money back.

But if they take of the place, it will spread the infection and get the death toll to rise, warns the expert.

“I think we will see more infection, and I think we will see it on the curve of the hospitalized and died after 14 days. So it is inappropriate, if it happens in large scale,” says Trine Mogensen, who is a professor in infectious diseases at the University of Aarhus.

Feriehusudlejernes trade Association estimates that in the passover wont to spend 50.000-100.000 danes in rented holiday homes across the country.

But even though authorities discourage the danes to travel and gather more than 10 people, many of those who have rented cottage, not get their money back or rebook.

“We are kimet down by danes, who has rented a cottage, and now do not know what to do,” says Carlos Villaro, who is the director of the Feriehusudlejernes trade Association.

on Tuesday he sent a letter to the prime minister, in which he asked for clear information about whether you must take in a holiday home.

The 23. the march called on the prime minister, the danes not to take in a holiday home.

“the Invitation is: don’t travel at easter. Of course one must not travel out of the country at easter. But one must also not travel a lot around Denmark. I understand that you would like in a cottage, but we need to curb travel,” she said.

Two days later, said health minister Magnus Heunicke the exact opposite of the ‘radio news’:

“You may well take of place in the cottage, but it is absolutely essential that you adhere to the guidelines, so if you do it: Try as far as possible, to pack the car with food, and know from the beginning, it is not that the children will have new playmates, because one must keep two meters distance. And if you have to travel across the country, you must in particular be very, very aware,” said the minister.

The conflicting reports have created doubts in the population about whether you must take in a holiday home.

Sommerhusudlejningsfirmaet DanCenter has come in the shitstorm, because they will not rebook or refund payments for second homes.

B. T. has spoken with Carl Henrik Nielsen, who has paid 8.709 dollars for a cottage for 18 persons. When he would rebook the stay, he got a mail from DanCenter that it was not possible.

“A holiday home is considered a private dwelling, and therefore it is not possible to lay the said booking under the rules on force majeure,” was in the mail.

Carl Henrik Nielsen may now eat the loss, for he has not going to take off with the whole family as planned. But there may be others that do.

If it happens, it will according to Trine Mogensen spreading the infection, which so far has been concentrated on the capital and the north of Zealand.

“This virus is really contagious. You can’t restrict the infection, if you are gathered and live under the same roof. It will give more infection and create new smittekæder in new parts of the country,” she says.

According to the Trine Mogensen, a small family, well take up in his own home without spreading the infection, if one keeps themselves to themselves and comply with the guidelines.