Tommy Pham, a new Cincinnati Reds outfielder, freely admitted that he will be carrying a lot of chips this season.

The 34-year-old, free agent signing Saturday, the Reds attempt to fill a spot left by two All-Stars.

Nick Castellanos, right fielder, signed this month with Philadelphia and Jesse Winker, left fielder was traded to Seattle.

“I will approach this season as a vengeance tour. Man, I’m trying to get my numbers. You can trust me. It is not selfish. Pham stated that he has put up some great seasons in the past.

“I am playing to get some numbers. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I look out for myself. The end of the day, baseball will continue without me. He said, “I have to get mine now.”

Pham, 34 years old, is a veteran of eight years. He spent the last two seasons with the San Diego Padres. Pham hit.229 with 24 doubles and 15 homers last year, as well as 49 RBIs, 14 runs, and 74 runs.

Pham is a career.265 hitter, with 97 homers. 2017 was his best season, when he hit.306 with 23 homers.

“It’s easy to say that my best years are behind you, but it’s true. I can still run physically. When we tested it this offseason, I was able to run. I still expect big things from myself. He said that this is the year to prove it to myself.

Pham will be adding speed and power to Reds’ outfield lineup with Nick Senzel in the center and Tyler Naquin at the right.

“The Reds were among the teams that called early. They may have called even before the lockout. He said that it was just how it all came together.

“I still have much to catch up. These back fields will be a lot for me. I need to be able to play offense and defense well. He said that everyone in baseball had a two-week advantage.

David Bell, Reds manager, said that Pham will be “a big part of the lineup.” Pham is Cincinnati’s right-handed hitting outfielder and can also pitch left-handed.

Bell stated, “He’s going play a lot.” Bell said, “He’s going to play left-field. Because the DH will be a part of that mix, he’s another guy. Tommy Pham is a great all-around player. The DH is available this year, so it’s just a matter of opening up the rotation.

Pham stated that he found a lot of things to love about joining the Reds.

“I looked at the team, the park and the manager. I have a long history with DB. He said that he has a great relationship with DB since his time in St. Louis. Joey Votto, one of my hitting coaches is here. I message him. He is my hitting coach, man. I’m telling you guys. He helped me get my swing right. He talked to me about hitting over the years.

“I’m going get the chance to play. He said, “I’m going to try and get mine.”