A gasoline boost might be possible for a battery-powered truck

In 2024 the Ram pickup will go electric, but it sounds like it’ll be carrying a surprise.

The Ram Revolution consumer outreach campaign was launched by Ram CEO Mike Koval. It will lead to the introduction the battery-powered truck.

Koval did not provide any details but described the feature as “class shattering” because the upcoming electric trucks of Ford and GM will not offer a similar option.
Range extenders are small internal combustion engines that can be used to generate power for the electric motors. They are not a primary driver but are instead used to extend the range. Examples of this type vehicle include the BMW i3 REx, Karma Revero.
It is expected that the Ram will be available in a model with 500 miles range. However, the extender could prove useful in some situations such as towing in remote areas. It is possible that he was referring a plug-in hybrid setup such as the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. However, it has a small battery with a rating of just 21 miles and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is connected through a transmission to the drivetrain.
It’s possible that another brand might offer something similar. 
Ford actually filed a patent several years ago for an internal combustion generator that is housed in a box and can be fitted into an electric pickup’s bed when required.
Ford has not yet officially announced any plans to make it into production. However, if Ram’s feature is popular, Ford may need to revisit the idea.