The players from Australian club Perth Glory have all of them on unpaid leave, and controlled by the owner, Tony Sage. As well as the competition ‘Down Under’ at rest, because of the corona virus, according to Legend, no, more than likely that the players will not have the money to get it. To the chagrin of the spelersvakbond (PFA), and that legal action is imminent.

“The players acknowledge that the whole of Australia, a common challenge is, as a result of this pandemic,” said Joey Didulica, former goalkeeper of Ajax and AZ, and owner of the HOSPITAL. “At this time we have the leadership in soccer, a common approach is taken. Unfortunately, Tony and his preference for one-sided, reckless and unlawful acts.”

Didulica, demanding that the players from the Perth Glory is on the fifth place in the A-League or just pay to get it. If this does not happen, you have to get to the HOSPITAL, to the right. “Two weeks ago, it was easy to get players away from their families, and to the east of the country to move to, and where they have been exposed to a pandemic. And now he gets a chance, it is suddenly acceptable to be to stop them is to pay for it. This is not a sport and the human values, what it sounds like.

the Planet

According to Legend, there are more owners at the moment to do the same. “What planet are they from?”, says the Sage, in response to the criticism of the HOSPITAL. “Millions of Australians are with their jobs gone, people are dying, and we, the players, to april 22, for their families to sit down?”

The international spelersvakbond FIFPro is very concerned about the way in which the world is being cut in the salaries of the players. That is done in accordance with the FIFPro players are not always in agreement.