animation films conjure up Small and Big a Smile on your face. These are 10 classic must-haves for cozy movies in the evening.

1. Ariel, the mermaid

Already in the year 1989, this strip came out in theaters, and inspire Large and Small. The mermaid Ariel saves on one of her journeys of discovery with her boyfriend, fish Fabius, the Prince Erik from Drowning and falls in love in him. You want to be a real man to stay with him. The evil witch, Ursula, to white, to prevent.

2. The jungle book

Already, in 1967, the Film came out in theaters and is loved as one of the oldest Disney films, until today. The human child Mowgli grows up among the wild animals of the jungle, to replace his family and friends. To save him from the evil Tiger Shere Khan, wants to bring his animal friends Bagheera and Baloo him to the people, against Mowgli’s will.

3. The ice Queen

“frozen” or “Frozen”, is one of the favorite films from 2013. In the Film, the story of Elsa is told, Princess of Arendelle, which has the ability to generate ice, snow and Frost. At the ceremony for the coronation of Elsa, the Situation is not completely out of joint, Elsa has mastered her powers and is preparing great suffering, whereupon she flees into the mountains. Her sister, Anna, tries to move with all of my strength to return.

4. Bambi

Bambi is a timeless classic from the year 1942. The strip shows the coming of age of young fawn Bambi, began with the bitter loss of his mother. His father, the Prince of the forest needs to take on education alone. On his way Bambi falls in love with the much sought-after DOE Feline that wants to win it for themselves.

5. Shrek – The daring Hero

part one the seven-part film series came in 2001 in the cinemas. Here is the story from the dreaded Ogre, Shrek is told, which must save the beautiful Princess Fiona from a castle, to get to a place of peace in his swamp. Unintentionally, the green giant gets support from a cheeky donkey. During the rescue, Shrek notices that his Affection for Fiona to grow.

6. The lion king

“The lion king” after the publication in 1994 to the world of success. The story is about the young lion Simba, son of king Mufasa, is murdered brutally, and his successor has to compete Simba. Simba blames himself for the death of his father and escapes into the Unknown. His evil uncle takes over the reigns of the Kingdom, to the suffering of all animals. An emotional journey for Simba begins.

7. Beauty and the beast

The folk tales from France came in 1991 in the cinemas, and tells the story of the beautiful Belle, who is locked in search of her father in a castle, in which the dreaded beast reigns. A relationship between Belle and the beast, whose soft side is growing more and more developed. What don’t know Belle: The beast was cursed and only true love can save him. He doesn’t have much time.

8. Aladdin

The movie from 1992 is reminiscent of a tale from “1001 nights”. The Story is from the street thief Aladdin, who wants to conquer the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Always at his side, Genie are the Genie and his Monkey Abu. The Film enchanted on an exciting and fun journey through the Orient.

9. Ice Age

The first part of the “Ice Age” and dates from 2002 and is complemented by five further parts. The Film takes place in the ice age. The entire wildlife refuge in the South. Only the thick-headed mammoth Manni controls in the other direction. On his migration towards the North, he rescues the annoying sloth Sid, that will be a loyal companion. On their journey they rescue a Baby from the clutches of a hungry saber-toothed tiger, of which one turns to the good side and the group accompanied. The newfound friends embark on an exciting adventure in search of the parents of the child.

10. Above

is The 2009 released movie “Up” tells the story of 78-year-old widower Carl and his faithful dog, to lose by forced evacuation of her house. In Protest, the old man mounted countless balloons to his home, in order to get to a better place. Unnoticed, he takes the boy scout Russell, on his flight, and a fun and exciting adventure begins.