Therapist: Quarantine - a time of new opportunities

how to survive and not to panic, told “RG” said the chief freelance specialist in psychotherapy of the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the Sverdlovsk regional clinic of neurosises “the Pine forest” Michael Perczel.

don’t be frivolous

Michael G., the coronavirus has affected the psychological state of society? We see, for example, in Italy first, did not believe in the necessity of quarantine, and then sang from the balconies to sing then stopped and began to loot shops. How we behave and what we expect?

Photo: Alexander Korolkov do home Than Muscovites, who now not in a hurry

Perczel: For all of society, I certainly can not answer. But while I often see careless attitude of people to coronavirus infection, despite all the calls to treat the situation seriously.

Yes, we are the coronavirus not see it until it touches the inner circle, it seems scary. But few people would think to go to the source of radiation, although it is also not visible. However, we understand that it can be deadly.

Levity as the main feature of prevail is in many minds. In many ways, it is a psychological defense mechanism against fear in the form of denial – can’t you see don’t believe so, no, it’s no threat to me. But this means only that information necessary to communicate to people – seriously, no hints of panic, but in full.

Filter the information

Information about pandemic is a continuous stream, and if outright fakes began to fight, then how does one navigate the flow of negative information from all over the world?

Photo: AFP/Agustin ECILDA the Doctor spoke about the impact of quarantine on the health of older people

Perczel: it is Important to understand how we receive information. Yes, lots of it, it is different, it is dictated including the different motives of those who distribute it. Someone broadcasts disregard somebody – panic.

Therefore, we must focus on the information that comes from official bodies, primarily the Ministry of health. Should listen to people who have the information first hand and are responsible for this situation. A blogger expresses their personal opinion, for which responsibility it carries.

So it may be wise to block panic posts in social networks on the theme “we’re all gonna die” and “bad advice” – or a safe way to “let off steam”?

Perczel: to Stop it is impossible. People want to speak, to Express their fears and hopes. Someone jokes, someone advised unscientific methods of prevention such as garlic and ginger – let, it is normal.

But it is very important, producing in the end, your own decision, listen to what experts say, not the anonymous “experts”. No one better than they miscalculated the situation. Now worldwide it professionals, despite the differences of views and conflicts of systems that work together to accumulate information from different sources, share experiences and can draw on more data.

don’t panic

But when they show on TV in Europe a convoy of trucks with coffins, to dissociate itself from the stream of negativity is not easy. How to understand that man is near panic state?

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS it Became known as often have to disinfect the house entrances

Perczel: If the concern is that the person washes his hands, wears a mask and goes out of the house, this should not disturb his family. It is clear that the situation poses a threat that increased anxiety has reason.

Another thing, if the constant anxiety that a person experiences, prevents him to lead a daily life. The person ceases to do important household chores, adequate contact with loved ones, it is disorganized. It becomes clear that the alarm exceeds its adaptive function and becomes painful. At this point we need to stop excessively disturbing the flow of thoughts, and if not, then contact the experts.

What to do in this situation, what is to find a foothold?

Perczel: While in isolation, we should try to lead a normal life as possible. One who is able to work – must continue to work. The one who is at home – needs to organize the family life. Activities to improve life is the most important protevoanemicakim and antistress factor.

the History of all rescues in difficult situations began with the fact that people started to organize their daily activities. Literally small, with the mode of the day, for example. Time to get up. Wash and brush your teeth. Make charging. To work with children – this most important work.

in Any case not to fall in terms of personal hygiene, to enjoy her reflection in the mirror is to shave, comb his hair. To respect themselves, to feel a man who worthily bears the achievements of civilization. Start with small things and then go to global.

you Need to live a time of self-isolation with maximum efficiency, because right now there are opportunities for self-education, creativity, communication, sport, development of newAvakov. Then again, no time to tell the kids something important, as before this it was not.

sooner or later life will return to this rhythm, from which we all suffered and was tired. Now there is an opportunity missed to catch up and make reserves for the future. Despite all limitations and difficulties, the crisis gave us the opportunity and gave the time.

do Not skandalte

After the lifting of the quarantine in China has sharply increased the number of divorces. How to minimize conflicts in the family during a long forced stay in a confined space?

Photo: Maria Volkova/WP Grandparents write out the electronic hospital

Perczel: Being together for a long time, people are faced with those contradictions, which they did not notice or did not want to notice. This always happens, for example, during the Christmas holidays.

But again, this is the opportunity, when faced with contradictions, find a way out, a way to resolve them. Finally have time to discuss, to talk, to speak. But there is a very important rule: we are discussing only the problem and not the relationship as a whole. We are not arguing about who is smarter, we solve a specific question. We’re here because we’re together because we love each other and respect, and are for each other is very important and valuable people. Step up close, of course, if it does not violate your boundaries.

they Say, all diseases of the nerves, but how do you convince yourself not to be nervous on trifles?

Perczel: to Convince yourself you don’t need. Indeed, many diseases have a psychosomatic trigger. And many types of disadvantage are linked to the fact that man is irrational refers to what is happening.

do Not deny the problem. Denial and leads to the fact that it will manifest with malfunctions insamochuvstvie. It is important issue to realize, even while experiencing the discomfort. But the discomfort is a challenge that forces us to act and look prosperous decision for themselves.

Turn fear into trouble

People are afraid of the future: possible unemployment, lack of money – what can be done about it?

Photo: Photoxpress How to organize the work around when the epidemic: the explanations of the Ministry of labor

Perczel: the Most powerful fuel for fear – uncertainty. When a person has no vision, horizon, he often draws an apocalyptic picture for the most part fantastic. Your awesomeness, they are terrible.

Instead, it is necessary to “land” the situation. To think of all possible scenarios for “what if”. No need to sit and think: if the quarantine will last for a long time, I can’t handle, I’ll go crazy. It is necessary to consider everything to the last detail: if the quarantine will last a week, then I’ll do so-and-so. If two weeks I… and so on.

When there is certainty that an event from a horror turns into a nuisance. Horror overwhelms and weakens me. Trouble is something with which you can interact, you can fight and overcome. To overcome on their own or with the help of people who retain common sense. In the end, there are therapists and psychologists to help, especially now many have moved to online job.

We have a chance to get out of the situation without loss to health we have?

Perczel: a Large number of people relates to what is happening pragmatically. Similar to the beginning of winter or rainy summer: to accept and adjust their lives based on these conditions. And it is necessary to maintain such attitudes, and to support those who create the overall tone for those who are in denial or panic.

it is Important to understand that when a problem arises, we react to it, proceeding from own life experience. And the spiritually Mature person, the more reason to trust yourself. And before you react to an unexpected situation panic (“ahh, the problem is huge, and I do not understand who and will not cope”), an adult needs to take an overview of their experience. I know how to think rationally, I had some success, there are people who can support me, I have some resources…

Remember all the good about yourself. Something you are proud of, and you will realize that you are much stronger than we used to think. Do not underestimate the scale of the problems – we must remember that addressing these problems is smart, strong and brave man.

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