The who urged countries not to jump to the weakening of quarantine measures

Christian Lindmeier Christian Lindmeier
UN Geneva / Flickr

the Restrictive measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus in each country should not be withdrawn too early, to avoid a new wave of infections, he said at a briefing in Geneva, the official representative of the world health organization (who) Christian Lindmeier.

“This is a decision that will make each country, each region independently,” said Lindmeier, stressing that the restrictive measures should not withdraw too early, “not to return again to the beginning”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

meanwhile, Austria became the first European country to publicly announced easing of the quarantine. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Twitter that next week plans to resume the work of the small shops, then gradually to open hotels and restaurants. According to the Chancellor, Austria can afford to mitigate the quarantine mode because it is more effective than other reacted to the spread of the disease.

“Our goal is to 14 April small shops with an area up to 400 sq m, was able to re-open, of course, under strict security measures. This applies to wearing masks and disinfectants, as well as admission of a limited number of buyers,” said Kurtz.

From mid-April to earn outdoor markets and shops of the goods for the house and repair, may 1, may resume work shops, shopping malls and hair salons, however there will also have to take precautions.

By mid-may it is planned gradually to open restaurants and hotels, but the decision on these measures will be taken only at the end of April. Onlain training in schools will continue at least until mid-may, and bans on mass gatherings will be in effect until the end of June.

Kurtz said that the easing of the quarantine it is possible only under the condition that the people will continue to respect the social distance and precaution. In particular, the Austrians must refrain from public gatherings during Easter and stay at home.

citizens of the Czech Republic from April 7 to can exercise outdoors and not to use medical masks, according to Czech media. However, a requirement is to observe social distance in public places, which is not less than 2 metres.

From April 9 in the Czech Republic in addition to operating food stores will join the point of selling goods for a hobby. In addition, will operate the hardware store and some workshops. As of April 14, the citizens of the Czech Republic will be allowed to leave the country for a good reason, for example, in connection with a business trip.

this is the plan for the gradual lifting of quarantine measures introduced and Denmark, where 15 of April it is planned to resume the work of kindergartens and primary schools. However, the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Fredriksen said that other restrictive measures continue to apply until 10 may, and the ban on mass events in General until August, reports “Interfax”.