Victims of hacker attacks is not worth it to pay a ransom for the salvation of information. This can only provoke the crooks, and the data is unlikely to return. Such advice in an interview with RIA Novosti he gave to the head of the representative office of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS Vasily Dyagilev.

“the victim will pay the ransom to the cyber criminals, it will only contribute to increase the number of such attacks in the future” — warned the expert.

During the conversation she recalled about the virus-the Trojan WannaCry, which killed about 300 thousand users from 150 countries. Many of them paid the ransom for your data, but infected file cannot be decrypted.

“as a result of desperate victims were left without money and without data. Even if information will be able to decipher, it still will not prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future as the hacker remains in the user’s system,” — said the expert and advised to consult specialists in information security.

In some cases, they can return the user data, and even to trace the criminal.

To protect themselves from hacking, Diaghilev advised to pay more attention to “digital hygiene”: do not click on unknown links, download files only from trusted sites, not to disclose their usernames and passwords and create regular backups, in the event of a break-quickly restore files.

Earlier it was reported that popular Android devices found a critical vulnerability. With its help, the attackers can track the device’s location, record audio in real-time to download photos and videos. A breach in security gadgets formed at the time when their owners upload video or other content.