The space centre of a name of John Kennedy in Florida (USA) posted the pictures on Twitter, arrived to a spacecraft Crew Dragon, which NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to go to the International space station (ISS). The successful holding of the start would mean the destruction of the Russian monopoly in the Western manned space flights.

In the photo captions noted that the launch of a heavy rocket, the Falcon 9 vehicle and spacecraft Dragon Crew is scheduled for may 27 at 20:33 GMT with the 39th launch complex, located on the territory of the Space centre of a name of John Kennedy and Crew Falcon 9 and Dragon created by the American company SpaceX.

In April, the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said that the first launch of a Crew Dragon with astronauts aboard the ISS on may 27.

The last time the US alone had put men into orbit on 8 July 2011, when it launched a reusable manned spacecraft Atlantis the Space Shuttle program. Since then, people on the ISS to deliver the Soviet (Russian) manned spacecraft “Soyuz”. The last launch of a Soyuz with astronaut, which Roskosmos, NASA will receive $ 90 million, will take place in fall 2020, after which Russia and the United States will only exchange places on their own manned spaceships.