The unusual shape of the asteroid interstellar explained

The first interstellar asteroid Omwamwi acquired a cigar-shaped at birth due to the rapprochement with the star gave birth to its object.

As reported by the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, a planetary scientist at the University of Maryland (USA) Yun Zhang and her colleague Douglas Lin, Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz, built a computer model of a star system, where they tracked what would happen with an asteroid with the gravitational interaction with the sun and the other planets.

To the great surprise of planetary scientists, such a scenario often led to the birth of elongated objects similar to Omwamwi. A significant part of the attraction of the luminaries accelerates to the speed needed to “escape” from a star system. However, due to the heating of the asteroid lost all the water and gases. According to planetary scientists, such objects are not uncommon in the universe.

Omwamwi was discovered by astronomers in October 2017. Scientists noticed a large object moving toward the Solar system. A few months asteroid close to the Sun and past the Earth. Astronomers know that such objects constantly pass through the Solar system, but the asteroid attracted the attention of researchers due to its size.

Omwamwi reaches a length of 400 meters and 30 meters in diameter, has an unusual cigar-shaped. But for a more detailed study of the asteroid, modern science does not possess the necessary technical means.

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