at The top of Spanish football league La Liga in July to be continued, and is expected to be the boss of Mediapro, one of the biggest tv-channels. “I expect that the game-in July, the weather is about to start, but without an audience. And it is the clubs that must be the first a period of time to prepare for it,” said Jaume Roures, on the Spanish radio.

Roures post a comment. “As a player in July and will be infected with the corona virus, we should immediately take the towel and throwing it to the season’s end. Of course, we must do everything to prevent that from happening, but if it happens, it’s over.”

Spain has been hit hard by the contagious virus. In the country there are more than 8,000 people died. The soccer ball is on 10 march in silence. The players of the Valencia, Espanyol and Alavés have tested positive for the coronovirus.

There are still eleven days to go in La Liga, where Barcelona is the leader with 2 points advantage over Real Madrid. The TV boss, Roures believes it is possible to make the eleven games in two months to play. “If we don’t, then there is a financial loss of about 700 million euros, and it won’t be too bad if we look too close.”

in Today’s/Wednesday’s state of video conferencing in the programme and the heads of 55 member states, the European football body, UEFA. This will show the progress of the league was discussed, as well as the impact of the crisis on spelerscontracten, and the credit system.